Saturday, January 30, 2021

2400 hours to 0200(am)

Going from almost zero pain in just at our to severe pain and mentioned sound in my head. Two doors bellow me(garage and main entrance) in unlocked position. Door upstairs locked and key hidden. I also heard from bellow sound as if someone would push through hall something into my room area - I heard this sound numerous times(have two holes to room - one from bellow and one from room next to my room). I shouldn't even talk about this as brainwashed under MK Ultra because and told in real time with mothers' tears in her eyes both of my parents would go into home for elderly people and I would stay without income as I am most severely blacklisted(police didn't even clear false accusations about me nor did they correct as I asked them, mental hospital's claims) on job market. Car from neighbor Andrej Uhl parked on our parking lot up to today's date.

Surgery in Belgrade took place twice. Once in 2001 and again n 2005/2006 as Vucic wasn't happy with it. Stated above was triggered with directed energy attack, gas poisoning, or food poisoning.

I skipped chocolate night meal which mother prepared(bought two chocolates filled with hazelnuts) in advance and will tray to get some sleep for the rest of the night - this was a regular strategy for the last 4 years.

After drinking two litters of water I think(and airing room), I will be okay now - pain is gone...time is 0230am.

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