Tuesday, January 26, 2021

I was SEVERELY ASSAULTED with directed energy weapons - despite everything, day of diabetes in my case about which Borut Pahor, Vucic, Putin and others dreamed about still didn't come so they could lie

 When I published video about poisonous pot, directed energy attacks stopped for 2 days. Same happened after purchasing vitamins and once I commenced as told under MK Ultra to drink water every hour...then it continued - feels like as if someone would stick long needle through your head for 3 years now and this step bye step all the dots I was told about will go through. They know when to stop, but whole concept was/is based on directed energy weapons and poising. Whoever gets in the house at night also ensures he pulls for me to hear one internet cables from downstairs - how they/he gets inside of house I have nooo clue. 

Computer was turned on, on three occasions during my absence - whenever I left the lead on one closed after even removing hard drive from one. And new computer retrieved from police for which Lenovo alone stated was not new for police to claim to me nothing was wrong with one all the battery was drained during my absence(hardly could that happen within week after I charged one and have one placed on the side on shelf - never ever used one and one is refurbished to practically new condition).

Early sleep early wake-up is discouraged by extra powerful directed energy attacks which don't leave me with more than 3 hours of sleep(and restless rest of the night till you get exhausted from sleep deprivation in the morning) and pain for the next few days in my head(sound stays on 24/4 and is as loud as talk)...going sleep late morning, however, land me up to 6 hours of sleep and in some cases even 8. Its like this now for already 4 years. This is not upside down world as father and others referred to one as. Its plain and simple killing. Indifferent was situation when physically assaulted for which I was told will even open flow in lymph nodes(truly nothing went on for two days, but not because of stated instead because of directed energy attacks or food/gas poisoning) - its a possibility that even ...bizarre shit.

I stopped winter swimming(since December 4th I didn't go for a swim any longer) as one was yet another brainwash - I audio recorded father who admitted he have seen other doing same thing during winter. Stopped because I recalled neighbor who told me not too as is extremely unhealthy for lymph nodes if those are poisoned(he didn't mention lymph nodes, but I imagined and then recalled others pointing actually at mentioned issue) - told e this under MK Ultra.

Polish psychologist Justyna stated me time and again during MK Ultra I repeat, "you will not be capable to avoid surgery, so at least stay in a good shape so it will heal faster - that really helps". Tedros Adhanom covered up crime for them for no less than 20 years he meddled in state affairs till finally settled even top position at WHO - for final kill sake.

I am determined to NOT go on surgery of any kind. I remember Sergei to have unbearable pain in his arm, but I barely wait(must admit) to be released from the rest of the whatever is left. My life was whatever one was, but still one was mine. Departing this world just by knowing what life was and where humanity is heading - won't be a difficult thing to do(a relief - joy actually)

They have explained to me under MK Ultra what father accented the other day - from disease to disease by basically going to hospital to get another "disease"(read one and get another one while subjecting you to psychological MK Ultra torture and browsing your private belongings) the type of life ends at age 49. DETERMINED TO COMPLETE THIS MISSION FOR MYSELF !!!

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