Sunday, January 3, 2021

Trump didn't get in Georgia not even 15% of votes, but don't get excited with elections of 2020 just yet as Donald Trump might have used his private group to prove otherwise

This is a looser like no other, but also a criminal unlike any other I have seen - known for. 
He is not alone in the game - government awarded one with 48% of votes(Trump never ever reached 20% of votes nationwide) in this soap opera for one thing...

His real supporters are super few, but no one can underestimate neonazi fanaticism(they don't mind jail time either). They well could record themselves doing something illegal and use it as desperate last rigging step against US on this elections.

Interesting situation developed also in respect to last stimulus checks as we all know Trump alike whacked entire public health, education, and other system platforms...Trump paid less than a minimum wage to his employees/Trump cheated with his own tax report and have swindled IRS - used illegals to steal money for work from them after sidelining American workers...cares about American people(even less for others) as much as about last year's snow.
Google Benedict Arnold.

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