Thursday, January 7, 2021

My dear loving father FAKED his medical condition since day 1 of my return from Poland according to instructions from local police and Novo mesto psychiatrist

I am not surprised. Slovenia is Slovenia - where never anything changed after all.

During Trump's attempts to overthrow democracy in US, my father CHETNIK also accented how some people slept in his bed and pissed in one - insisted how he saw people laughing at him from TV via TV having cameras installed in one.

Yes, it was all kinds of stuff that went on in this house, but CHETNIK IS CHETNIK. Food for thought for democrat party in US as many of you miscalculated connection with Belgrade as healthy on. You couldn't be more wrong about it...local CHETNIK police had their mechanisms on place to perform job on behalf of Trump/Vucic as well....

Slovenia a country too small to govern own affairs in ocean of sharks as told, but from own experience BIG ENOUGH TO SLAUGHTER OTHER NATIONS ACROSS THE EUROPE NOT ONLY OWN SLOVENIAN PEOPLE !!! From Ukraine to Croatia, Bosnia and so on...

The biggest problem in Slovenia is MONEY as this is the wealthiest country in the world.

I had to a whole a lot for elections in 2020. No more.

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