Friday, January 15, 2021

Jack Dorsey was/is a #1 supporter of Donald Trump in case you didn't know - Jack Dorsey got Trump 80 million IMAGINARY TWITTER supporters of which SOME WERE REAL and numerous totally FAKE ACCOUNTS

 Accounts of dead people, supporters from abroad, and for the big part FAKE as word fake can possibly be accounts. Twitter(Jack Dorsey's / Zuckerberg)'s temporary accounts suspensions were used as planned well in advance to increase Trump's popularity. This man should have been for his actions already jailed long long time ago and have suffered so far only twitter/Facebook temporary suspensions.

This is to answer

Nope, Donald Trump didn't collect even 20% of votes in elections of 2020.

Linguists should add to word "scam" also "Trump"(whenever you hear word scam, think Trump and you be okay - its the biggest one ever that lived on this world).

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