Friday, January 22, 2021

Trump's golf course in beautiful Scotland because

 Royals deemed South of Scotland to be just a ugly dirty shithall. Pardon my words, but conscious of dramatic sexual escapades royals have made since begging of 1995 when I first participated in their private circles(they wouldn't even vacation south of Scotland), wouldn't forgive me. Prince William struggled with wife search till he encountered Kate and prince Harry was according to Queen Elizabeth a sacrifice to me da goat - she blamed me for it ;) 

@British - just so you understand why looking at your majesties(Battenbergers - known also as Mountbattens-Windsors) in the eyes is an insult for them. Related to

Police inspectors on occasions caught them in the middle of their sexual acts with much younger females(Canada was also sport but not French part as William will explain to you - beautiful French Canadian girl whom William met in 2001 and became his f*** buddy briefly was also ousted/left behind for good-forgotten)...I guess Mr Drumpf too has a special taste in respect to Britain alone - its not about US only he has problem with.


With unique taste for humor. Feeling sooo guilty 😂 One time I saw her MAD(I cite Elizabeth, "God dammit you took one of my my grandsons you won't take me another one")  and still the thing is I decide what gifts are suitable to my taste.

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