Monday, January 4, 2021

URGENT APPEAL TO EUROPEAN COURT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS: Immediately FREE Bosnian Doctor Nikolina Balaban from chetnik's imprisonment

Aleksandar Vucic's fascism worked along Slovenian colaborants as a double razor against me via lies - on one side they claimed my being racist/nazi and on the other whenever I liked woman they scorned me/laughed at me(zahmhjehivali me) !!! Well - she was/is Bosnian is why - a Muslim and as such listed as good to go under the knife...

She was involved in MK Ultra case and is guilty being Bosnian from Bosnia. I remember her personal details such as her housing and can prove my claims if necessary. Chetnik's politic in Bosnia chased her for the last 19 years at least.

In 2016 Dr. Nikolina Balaban exclaims is proud Bosnian and that her only state is BiH(Bosnia)

Vice-President Nikolina Balaban, Head of the Pathology Service The municipality of Prijedor, in which we are counting on a council of counterfeit warranties, and the administration of its county and state evening is made by Senad Hadžifejzović on Face TV.
It is clear that the Bosnian is so different that the rest of the region is about Prijedor, those who say, those who speak, and those who need to be "free" from their thieves with the effects of aggression on BiH.

The reward for the number of its guests is to give me a living experience in the past and to say goodbye to them.

- When she closed her eyes and listened to all our leaders, and when she did not know how to call her and how to declare them, they are all right. They are coming together, the economic social problem is beating us, and the committees are getting better. I come from Prijedor, one very specific degree. I often say that he will cut off his head, and now whenever Prijedor needs to be "swept away" that Srebrenica is desperate, if Srebrenica is not despised, Prijedor would be clear - Balaban said.

She allegedly alleges that in Prijedor the remembrance of the deaths of civilians of Bošnjacim and the children of them is killed in this degree 102, and she acknowledged that it was declared by the issuer of the Serbian nation.

- I myself, Bosanka, and I live in a country called BiH. It does not absolutely affect the position of the entity or FBiH or RS. I, the Bosnian, and all the normals must be so thought-provoking - it was Balaban.

In an interview with Hadžifejzović, she made it clear that she could not fight, "I can only keep my head under water as long as she can." She also acknowledged that she had a problem with the school, the fact that her quarrels were posed by the fact that the subject of history was said, and that her quarrels were set by the prescribers and that what they thought was no longer necessary.

- Criminals are corn, they are just like the sick. They were like in Korićanske stijenama, Omarskoj. They were here, and there were bespoke, unruly, and undemanding civilians. They are like that, or in the case of sweets they are corn - Balaban ordered them to conclude that genocide had been carried out in Prijedor.

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