Monday, August 31, 2020

Police trespassing and car vandalising continues on Czech/ Polish border

Stinking old egg was placed inside of the box of eggs purchased just yesterday some 50 kilometers from here(Tesco store in KiK Czerwionka) when on my Chalupki.

Nowy Bohumin(stari as well) both identified through and through even via job search

Both towns on Czech side of border identified to last millimeter. I was also recognized from past.

American test subjects were on average 25 even 30 years younger than myself

Jack Dorsey as an example 24 at the time - others about same with youngest 19. My age 49 and this with what I believe is rather irreparable disc slipping damage.

What Poland, Belarus, Czech, Slovakia, Ukraine gave me is a feeling of being accepted as a equal human being by the people

Something I never ever got in US, Germany or elsewhere in W. Europe.

Nobody normal from Slovenia would immigrate to empoverished Poland/ Belarus or even Czech republic

Their economies upon fall of USSR resulted in catastrophic economic conditions - yet most of MK Ultra went on in eastern Europe where brought by Americans/ Germans...why if it was as both sides claimed for MK Ultra case only !!????

Germans failed to pay THE BILL in this case for 25 years on the row in case you wonder who I am

Their court for human rights in Strasbourg served one purpose only - keeping me invisible for the sake of their Musks/ Joe Bezoses and filthy Nazi politic which they pushed throughout e. Europe via $$$$.

Belarus became example of how things can go badly wrong with EU/American "investments"

German goal(this is what American investments serve too) was political revolution throughout broader eastern European area(Slavic). This war on us, Germany begun to boil already in 1995 when its negotiators first arrived there. Putin's aggressive divisive politic helped even more.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Unauthorised entries to car continue in Strykow - more items destroyed, but my spine in a very bad shape so I decided

to no longer carry items with me(8kg). Now health comes to first place.

Trump hired in city and as promised case would be a bunch of local thugs what left me with no choice other than to depart before car's clutch is entirely destroyed - they did this to several other test subjects and brainwashed on mentioned issue under MK Ultra.

American democrat party shouldn't count on any support from me after elections

I am not interested in American stunt politic. If you know nothing about this case, don't bother with one after lost elections.

American test subjects were treated like a gods when compared to me here in Poland

No way compare. From jobs, women, and to spine issues.

Poland tried same with me

Navalny/Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya...Poland(people not but Duda/ Morawiecki/ Kaczynski did) wanted to lure me badly to Germany/London.

Use me as a blackmailing tool for the sake of their global politic. Americans of today for the most part are only German option #2 because some nations just prefer to deal with them rather than Germans. Its a1939's Madison Square politic allover again.

American Yale University scholar Alexei Navalny now in comma upon his escape to Germany - will we soon see also "made in Deutschland" a death certificate issued for one !!???

@ Navalny....Why Germany if you are so Russian !!???? What do you hope good will happen for Russian people from Germany or is it just yourself you care for !!???

Similarly did Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya ran to Lithuania - not Ukraine or Czech rep. or some other Slavic state...

Its why I am not happy with how things went in Poland during 2018, 2019, and 2020

They drug you up, inject you with whatever substance they want your death certificate to look like once they gain control over your body and the rest is your battle with "deadly decease".

Friday, August 28, 2020

High pressure Truck trailer wash job for 3.1 Euro an hour was used to determine in fact a spine injury degree to be exact on test subjects

Meaning one would last till disc injury explodes again. I cite, " to see how much you can take" , but overture into this "job" was brainwash I cite "many managers at Mercedes started like this jaja...Mercedes does funny things like this yo see commitment from workers and then better jobs come jajaha".

Strykow 8 hour job search(door to door) on foot ended at Mercedes trucks where offered job which was used to recreate injuries to test subjects

Hand washing trucks trailers with high pressured water machine(last place after visiting on foot some 20 large employers which are searching for employees all over Lodz/ Zgierz and neighboring areas)....

How much longer UN !!????

Car seems was sold also with broken transmission

Not only broken trunk, stolen catalytic converter, engine problem, totalky worn out deadly tires, side doors incapable to open...

Polish government hijacked me in 2018 from Polish immigration system and this is a fact

3D googles were used to confuse on warehouses and fuel station in Nowy Targ during 2015 and 2017 - but few people whom I met inside of new warehouses( built in 2018 but have met them in 2020) not - what means 2018 was also year of hijacking.

Polish government engaged in 2018, 2019, and in 2020 in GENOCIDE against me

I am not accusing one only of 23 years of MK Ultra torture, but also of here stated. I held three jobs total in Poland for duration of 4.5 months. Thousands of job applications; however, were sent out and cities such as Zgierz, Lodz, Justynow, Rzgow, Strykow walked from door to door.

Strykow - Slovenian city in Poland

Where all Pollacks would want to be Slovenians.

Strykow city completely identified - people alone recognized me

Greater area of Lodz all the way to Justynow/Rzgow too.

What are United Nations waiting for !!????

My case because of Donald Trump's cronies and himself became known as masakra case

Hatred Trump brought to eastern Europe along with his cronies and even few test subjects, brought to many death and devastation if not death illness). Divided communities which had great difficulty to heal.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Monday, August 24, 2020

Andrzej Duda(now Polski PREZIDENT), didn't like to being compared to Richard Kuklinski when compared to one by others

And this is just to remind you all of everything !!!

Andrzej Dudas private thief supported by Polish police appears to steal watch

Now prison culture on open....

In response to Andrzej Duda's(prezident Polski:))) Kuklinski culture.

MAIN Trump's second term trump(ace) is Coronavirus alone

Video can be also seen at or

All about Donald Trumps's Jack Patrick Dorsey the co-founder and ceo of twitter who participated in my MK Ultra case(was test subject in Poland)

Posted and censored via Facebook. All you need to know about Mr. Dorsey from Twitter - incl. about his two kids on the side with Aryan lady while publicly appearing with women of color and playing as modest simple trying hard victim smart...he took special innitiative in making my life for worst and this via Poland alone where he would pay visitations after his contract already ended.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

One hand watch stolen - other one destroyed

Polish president Andrzej Duda gestured me personally under MK Ultra to see in him a local criminal and pick fight with one after he would(and did) stole watch infront of my eyes.

I am doing great thank you - today alone three people recognized me and Americans along me - because I did my part

There is very little left to complete in Lodz as I have about two terabytes of proofs needed to place on internet in case I didn't make myself clear enough. In case someone has doubts...second thought whether case was/is or not real. 

Why AND HOW Americans failed at polluted creek and lake during bright sunny days

Video can be also seen at

Twisted Shizoic Polish police MK Ultra scenario on possible directed energy weapon setup under the car explained

Video number one can be also seen at

 Video number two can be also seen at

Polish Police involved in this MK Ultra brainwash from what I can recall at least two individuals(Polish individuals - other than few Americans) - #1 individual stopped third day with his brown Peugeot car just few feet away from my parked car(morning) and was installing himself a rubber required for windows/doors on his vehicle and a local mechanic who would go under car using smartphone with same as I did(I think shuffle). Uniformed Polish police along with Straż Miejska insisted on doing as expined here to benefit me - benefit me with such device for me to discover one unless I would immigrate Katowice/Krakow area in which case they would have one removed. First brainwash(most severe brainwash in respect to this very weapon took place on the other side of the lake(known as Stawy Jana w Łodzi) where stores Biedronka/Lidl are - while already filmed, I realized that it was a public water from restroom which I used that caused me problems most likely again with gland nodes(pressure issues). Little was missing for me to depart to mentioned locations as I felt they wouldn't let me be not even in the car(MK Ultra was extensive and as violent as possibly one can imagine)...on the other side of the lake other scenarios awaited, but revealed with what I would refer to as scary good if Polish top government was thousand scenarios as explained here Americans and Poles used against me with enthusiasm upon  my arrival and all for NOTHING.

Yes, Trump and Polish physicians/police anticipated more than anything a diabetes via post MK Ultra session - not only broken spine.

Andrzej Duda - he should change his name to Richard Kuklinski. Would be easier for people/world to identify his views on world. Violent shizoid lunatic along Morawiecki and their mentor Kaczynski.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Poland does have in Slovenia Milan Kucan, Borut Pahor, and Janez Jansa - but this will not go as planned by Poland upon my return

All three were involved in MK Ultra procedure from very beginning and all three happened to worked along against me supporting Polish state in crime against me in Slovenia(have threatened me ongoing with "if things wouldn't go as planned").


A normal person in my skin would wish for 100 nukes to be dropped on your state. But because I learned in life that more is necessary than what you demonstrated me life is, you will clean your swine stall called Poland and all will be okay. We will be then brothers and sisters again ;) Don't worry, me no German.


I don't want "Karta Polaka". I want you out of my country, so we Slovenian people can live safe/free.

Mentioned psychologist Justyna kedzierska was used as a hostage of insane Polish state - had no choice other than to comply with violent Polish regime(insane shizofrenic radicalism)

Video can be also seen at

Polish state allowed herself as much crime as Justyna was willing to absorb on herself(she placed herself as a shield infront of own people and politicians who engaged in crime with idea to get whole thing going as the worst in her eyes was to stop).

DANGEROUS: Polish state tortured to unconscious to get desired results and have caused spine damage already far in the past(not as drastic but it did) due to pure hatred against me

Video can be also seen at
This very forest reminded me about very well what went on in Poland during MK Ultra. Reminded me very well methods used to extract data from me as per every byte and even blaming it all on others. Poland because its the most convenient per European Union's German interests(nobody was willing to sell out more than Poland $$$).

Polish police apparently vandalised vehicle about week ago.

Scenario of uniformed Polish female police office which demonstrated me broken wheel of cart inside of this very car during MK Ultra, repeated after one of the wheels found inside car was smashed.

Pollack involved in MK Ultra walks to me yesterday and steals watch in front of me

I placed watch on backpack to time exercise. Was non responsive to warnings because has police supporting one.


What I will start in Slovenia, will end in most eastern part of Russia. None of you will be left in any eastern European country till you clean your Polish stall.

More racist and hateful than Germans were only Americans Donald Trump brought with him to Poland and its what Poland refers to the Belarus as FREEDOM

It became evident about who is pushing for American occupation of Belarus under disguise of freedom

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

If its gonna be for Beau as Joe talked about possibility, then I will give one my full support but

First I have to see it happening. There was just too many lies, too many dead people, too much evil for me to just jump on train with unknown destination. Let's see how this develops.

Final factor that decided about psychologist were cats

4 beautiful kittens and momma cat. I would walk two hours both ways carrying chicken with me which I didn't afford even to myself just to be disallowed to even touch them...

Putin figured out in 2003 for me to be best destroyed via international organisations and even US Democrats - no longer by KGB

Here is how change was born in my case. That I would remember nothing and have no one to remind me of what went problems in Poland cooked more and more and track about Putin was gone along with it also more and more...more time lapsed, less Putin was seen on picture.

She is a living proof that even Putin knew(not Trump only), Nazi politic cycle wouldn't last for ever

Slovenian and proud.

In late stages, Polish government HIRED her also doppelgangers which wouldn't mind to reappear on picture in real time

Those would conveniently be USD for self deluded schizophrenia - self belief(convince myself into lies and blame others for all instead of pointing into reality) as she gestured would help her(help me believe in obvious lies) overcome real image via my own public claims.


No afterlife for you. Now, we can meet if you like.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

I am 100% on side of Lukashenko - Belarus crises organized by NATO via Poland

@Lukashenko - If worse come to worse then unite with Russia, but don't let German tanks pass Polish Belarus border.

In 2015 when brought to Italy in villa which Andrzej Duda rented for vacations, he insisted me in the face with his daughter Kings Duda on marriage

This fact too will be known.

Mentioned psychologist was smart enough to predict my rejecting her at this point and proving me with continuation of property destruction that she was not behind it all - she further

Procrastinated I will date local girl via whom government would set me up Ava n on MK Ultra track.

Why are public libraries closed and shopping malls open during so-called Coronavirus crises !!????

Because in libraries is free electricity. Even if you have your own laptop, however, you are not allowed to use one, so in my case is either pay jobless for locations where torture took place or live in the car without electricity. My case involves top political figures and is due to crime nature clearly in best interest of elites to keep it this way.

Joe Biden's COVERUP CAREER for Donald Trump takes off with "death" of Trump's brother alone

Paedo brother(GREAT FRIEND OF PRINCE ANDREW) now pronounced dead.

Ash Christian(MK Ultra) test subject in Poland for two years disappears in Mexico - cause of death is afterlife solution

Born in Paris Texas, Ash disappears. Claim is death.

There was a GREAT reason on why world was compelled into solidarity with neonazi USA

Russia even offered USA a US made Coronavirus vaccine which one rejected for now, but money will be

Friday, August 14, 2020

I refuse to have anything to do with mentioned psychologist

will take me time to recuperate myself - I would never ever enter relationship of any kind in bad financial condition or without being convinced to deal with right person + she knew all about depression issues for which Trump laughingly suggested will result in severe sugar diet connected to toxic atmosphere in post MK Ultra period which Polish police did created and maintained during my stay in Poland TO VERY TODAY.

Car destroyed most lilkey last night at the shopping mall's garage or possibly at location which I just left

Was again told that transmission is finished, but this time could be truth as was promised one eventually will be changed from old one. Whatever the case may be, I am now even without car.

Beside first day, I have spent 6 nights insideo of the car sleepless

Directed energy weapons or poisoning makes no difference to me. Could be bad quality of public water which I have consumed as well, but Polish police guaranteed me it will be directed energy weapons used against me when subjected to MK Ultra.

Car is bugged 24/7 and my whereabout not secret to Polish police which is stalking and causing damage on every step of the way - Wiśniowa Góra - Višnja Gora is the same

Google maps operated by Polish police(not Americans as I was threatened on multiple occasions whenever I would display inappropriate behavior or even private discussions BY POLISH POLICE IN POLAND DURING MK ULTRA), I would be warned via maps by using Polish Wiśniowa Góra location as destination to remind me of Slovenian Višnja Gora location which would in translation mean close to mental hospital Ljubljana Polje and eventually back to one. As I have stated, Poland displayed ZERO remorse for crime against me and its a policy I will pursue against one. 

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Local mall and more identified

 First commercial building in Rzgow from which everything started(entire city - back in 1996/1997). Off course I was there and know who/how.
 Where Trump also slept prior to entering Lodz.
 Famous gas station where Americans fueled cars.
 There was no bridge and nothing in vicinity of lakes other than a barn/building(cement building) and farm above rail - all marked in three squares. Year 1996/1997. It is even possible that father helped with instructions on how to clean lake.
 Other two lakes where I recognized people.
Third lake etc...

What is it Democrat party fears more than Donald Trump

The one who would remove and get Trump arrested - myself.

#1 Biden/Kamala Harris issue

WAS with man who became her husband(I know entire family including children - all involved in MK Ultra) extremely devoted democrat, BUT things CHANGED 180 DEGREES since marriage BECAUSE of this very MK Ultra case.

Donald Trump exploited in depth issue known as Kamala Harris and her HUSBAND Douglas Emhoff CAME TO CONCLUSION THAT ONE WILL ACCOMMODATE DONALD TRUMP because of his children if nothing else. Phrase keep friends close and enemies even closer appears in this case 100% legitimate. 

I already told you all about Joe Biden, but do as pleased. You play and you will pay.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Police officer investigating car scam(involved with individual who assaulted me the other day) never answered calls either

Its a different kind of Police in Poland via which example Donald Trump would like to spread seen here also throughout USA as a new normal.

Video can be also seen at

This individual declined to get ahold of me while investigating my case(it was his duty to gret ahold of me not mine to get ahold of him) for no less than 4 would you like to have police assistance like this !!???

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

I realized that is best in my interest to change city to location closer to border I can use and am thus leaving Lodz at least temporary behind

Closer proximity to border will ease necessary border crossings every three months(its too much to stay jobless and cover costs of rent and even required border crossings on every three months - expensive and time wasting operation) required for EU citizens, but nothing other than that I believe as whole country is controlled by Warsaw.

Polish police is using landlors to make my life impossible in Poland

Crime is organised in a such way that one can't take initiative(control) over his life. 

They use landlords to take one away from me. Yes, it is impossible and it is controlled via lodging issues. Everything including job market. It is police that is running show in a Trump's private Disneyland(Neverland known as Poland).

Cats are just American setup - attempt to drain wallet and cause as many as possible problems

Animal abuse is a standard American procedure. They use anything as Donald Trump stated often , "to get ahead of the game"(animals not sacred).

Blocked from number 986 once I attempted to report criminal case(animal abuse and torture) at present location

Will stop bye at the police station tomorrow(file complete police report from A to Z) in Lodz and will go from there.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

If you click on support page(nor side option nor from menu), you will not get to one - even video link in which I offer online language lessons dismantled

I never linked on my resumes with or into as it appeared (resume is edited online all the time) - just realized and was promised under MK Ultra this to be the case. If I don't check one ongoing, resume turns itself into rather strange fiction(I was even blocked from saving one if I would make changes per individual employers before sending them out - unprecedented violence)

I did attempted to repair blogger issue which compelled me to remove from playing audio via radio [layer feature atop blog, but for the cost of as explained in headline. Now like this even without player which I removed.

English language as language - use one as I need one to demonstrate what went/goes on only, but other than that and including that is totally useless dangerous language

This is language which brings human tremendous misfortune not only because it would be useless as language used to ask for help obviously fake government/private agencies, but its also the only language I know off which would disallowed non native speaker to engage in proper usage of one if banned from job market even overseas from owners of English language is not bad enough already.

Monday, August 3, 2020

How you save EVERY dog/cat from homeless suffering - very very easy


Every dog and every cat are to be sterilized(once grown). If you want them unsterilized(probably for either sale or perhaps other reasons), you pay fee equivalent to life of 10 dogs/cats(calculate cost on how much they cost to be well maintained over their life period lets say 12 years).

Health care per THEIR needs

When you are in need of court, they rate you as mentally ill -and torture you via psychiatry. 

When you are truly ill with broken spine - they do Photoshop with roentgen scan.

I suspect tensions betwen Poland and Israel which exploded upon my entering Poland to be only a cover-up operation for what followed next

Netanyahu was obsessed by getting me to Israel also via Poland. For such operation, you do have to orchestrate conspiracy to which we have witnessed in 2017, 2018, and 2019. I have bitten into one and sided with Israel, but whole job/rental situation in combination with his gestures to immigrate to Israel, Portugal(there will be job and you can - his niece posted on Facebook account also photos of Portugal to remind me), and Katowice/Krakow(where biggest Israeli investments are - IT/banking sector jobs).

There will be NO Warszaw, NO Krakow, and even NO Gliwice and NO Germany

Portugal via Fujitsu failed, so there is a NO to Duda/Kaczynski/Morawiecki and their Israeli sale(Katowice/Krakow). Big one too.

Sell your own people.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Scaled at Carrefour(Auchan store), backpack I carried and carry with me since injury weighted always minimum 6kg

With store purchase extra loaded on my back I would carry regularly no less 8/9kg what is not too damn good for disc injury. Even like this whatever I left behind, I would only found as necessity to purchase new.

Why did Mr. Daniel Smith who never reported himself to me created Wikipedia profile became unclear

Became unclear since after my detecting one, he wouldn't even come forward as you see. This fact alone explains a whole lot to me.

Why ?

REPEATED: Original audio of potentially deadly assault in Lodz prepared against me by Polish police via MK Ultra

Video can be also seen at or at

Individual seen here actually got job at the hospital as ambulance driver if memory doesn't cheap me and this via this very case.

Greater than for myself - trip to Poland was foremost lesson for Buckingham palace so they could learn/see what a human looks like

It wasn't about me learning only(I do every day), but instead foremost for those who wanted once again understand what their golden reserves represent. They wanted to demonstrate(Schwarzenegger bragged about it) their progeny how to get ahead in life(game as they refer to one as) and for them to use what they have so they don't have to go through what I did in life.

Royalism - you have to understand one and not only blindly see lies as reality

Cats were taken care to best of my ablities



I disregarded all, but warned one about cat(throwing even water even on them and sing other issues) abuse. Its when he snapped at me in a threatening way even gesturing me will come down to meet me in person(month ago or so), but was told that he would if he would have balls on what he pointed out his child and how I have nothing other than cats hiding in bushes.

On July 29th car was washed and on 31st, I have seen what you see here

 Car when sold was bumped very slightly. Then the second hit took place and then third one and in a very same area - according to car specialist who repeats police procedure as instructed by Lodz police and when asked about it(he is resident here and body shop repair mechanic) on 31st July by bus. HE KNOWS WHAT WAS DONE TO CAR IN DETAILS MAKE NO MISTAKE.


Because of bombardment(rain/barrage of attacks on me and inability to even find normal place to stay or job in Poland), I honesty didn't keep track of who/ where/ when but have instead concentrated on more essential issues.

Neighbor where bad dog is(used to have two), is a cat lover and good person as one possibly can be

Entire street is packed with very good people. One house flirted with Duda, but other than that here are really good hearted good people who have NOTHING to with what went on at Wiekowa 9. They protested as a community once they find out about what else went on here(as I stated others were brought here for torture as well). They allowed this place to stay open as is only because of my case.

Coronavirus home made sock made mask was great for one thing...

I played with kittens before hanging one to tree branch as seen I gotta get myself my own place before I endup on a street again. Nothing but endless job and room search. I belive Trump will win because Grammys and other awards + lucrative shows are more important than lives of protesters and even with what is taking place here with me that could stop whole thing on time. You will get your awards and money and he will get you with your awards and money. You already know whom this two sentences concern

Prince Andrew guaranteed Trump will crush you Americans. The only time I have seen on shaking in anger(its all well planned - Coronavirus and his police and certain military squads used to set country and US banner on fire).

Musician(friend of Trump) awaited for me to get up to signal me with cup in his hands its over(will not get assistance from his side)

He couldn't refrain himself from his usual play with my belongings either - this time had cat dishes filled with water rearranged - one usually leaves leaves from treas in front of my rear entrance(he explained under MK Ultra as his point of view issue as cats are gone...cats are gone - taking them away from you).
Cats, however, left. They left guided by mama cat after abundant lunch I prepared for them to the side of the fence where dog is which already killed cats from this property before and how not...

Saturday, August 1, 2020

One of the MK Ultra scenarios(just to give you a real taste of what MK Ultra is) was like this - at this very location Price Andrew involved/head

We will not help you haha...

But you said you will and you do all this to help me...

But we will not, we just have to do it this way dont worry you will not remember..

Owner of momma cat is individual from upfront(musician as I explained)

Moma cat today disappeared what most likely was his main scenario. He uses them for his purposes - gets whoever tenant to grow kittens and repeats procedure.

This will be his last one. I guarantee you this.

Landlord finally replaced totally rusty electric boiler(water heater for bathroom located on ground floor) with new one sometimes in 2008, but in 2010 because of what was acknowledged one installed I believe some other form of heating system keeping on side both(old rusty crap and new one)

Go and prove whatever you want.

Three residents insisted under MK Ultra that I should keep water inside of plastic battles only as they do have on the side plenty rust which would be used in case I would use buckets or some other for of water storage. 

Man who attacked me used to work as a driver near bye

its at least what he stated back in 2008, 2010 and so on. Might have even worked for hospital - ambulance and then changed for another driving position or viceversa.

TIME FOR TOTAL MAKEOVER: Its time for Mike Tyson to claim what rightfully belongs one - not what is offered only(never say no, but its time consider more)

Boxing referees get paid a lots of money too - Tyson would get paid I am certain at least 10 times of their yearly salaries per match because...because you know(because who doesn't like him is why - ohhh yes, they would pay). Main instrument mustaches of detective Hercule Poirot - character who looked very much like Tyson.

Poland finally understands was cheated/lied - foremost betrayed/sold by own politicians

Police provocateur didn't get anything done as planned

--He claimed me under MK Ultra I will stop at the front gate where one has cameras on what one will get involved(he has them all over the place don't worry) - it didn't happen.

--He claimed me I will respond to his insults while still inside of his gated property with verbal or even physical aggression - none of that took place.

Original audio of potentially deadly assault in Lodz prepared against me by Polish police via MK Ultra

Video can be also seen at or at