Saturday, August 22, 2020

Twisted Shizoic Polish police MK Ultra scenario on possible directed energy weapon setup under the car explained

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Polish Police involved in this MK Ultra brainwash from what I can recall at least two individuals(Polish individuals - other than few Americans) - #1 individual stopped third day with his brown Peugeot car just few feet away from my parked car(morning) and was installing himself a rubber required for windows/doors on his vehicle and a local mechanic who would go under car using smartphone with same as I did(I think shuffle). Uniformed Polish police along with Straż Miejska insisted on doing as expined here to benefit me - benefit me with such device for me to discover one unless I would immigrate Katowice/Krakow area in which case they would have one removed. First brainwash(most severe brainwash in respect to this very weapon took place on the other side of the lake(known as Stawy Jana w Łodzi) where stores Biedronka/Lidl are - while already filmed, I realized that it was a public water from restroom which I used that caused me problems most likely again with gland nodes(pressure issues). Little was missing for me to depart to mentioned locations as I felt they wouldn't let me be not even in the car(MK Ultra was extensive and as violent as possibly one can imagine)...on the other side of the lake other scenarios awaited, but revealed with what I would refer to as scary good if Polish top government was thousand scenarios as explained here Americans and Poles used against me with enthusiasm upon  my arrival and all for NOTHING.

Yes, Trump and Polish physicians/police anticipated more than anything a diabetes via post MK Ultra session - not only broken spine.

Andrzej Duda - he should change his name to Richard Kuklinski. Would be easier for people/world to identify his views on world. Violent shizoid lunatic along Morawiecki and their mentor Kaczynski.

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