Monday, August 31, 2020

Nobody normal from Slovenia would immigrate to empoverished Poland/ Belarus or even Czech republic

Their economies upon fall of USSR resulted in catastrophic economic conditions - yet most of MK Ultra went on in eastern Europe where brought by Americans/ Germans...why if it was as both sides claimed for MK Ultra case only !!????
Because "the case" could only be proven via total genocide. Meaning that even courts would act as see/saw nothing, heard nothing, knew nothing future claims I would submit and did.

The name of the court and its officials heavily directly(have participated in torture) involved in one is European Court for Human rights.

Connecting two political sides via crime known as Orwelianism. The main profiteer in my the case GERMANY and this either way you would see picture as. Case used to connect with via crime, brainwash on why mutual silence is good(Orwelanism when politicians become more connected with foreign politicians than own people), and even protected from as torture went on both sides. Main tool ECT machines that would leave me almost on wheelchair in 2006 due to increasing seizure issues - Americans did as they anticipated my departure from US via forced unemployment(I refused time and again willingness to want to have anything to do with MK Ultra - I just wanted normal life or whatever was left of one and even hat was denied).

Homeless sleeping in car vs Bezos and others. Great comparison - the German way.

Yes, it was so bad that I did end with American Ivan and Slovenian citizenship seeking asylum in Belarus, Poland, Hungary was so bad and planned from day one against me by German state.

Income in Slovenia was at least 5 times higher from one in Poland upon fall of USSR. Will not go into US issues.

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