Thursday, August 20, 2020

Mentioned psychologist Justyna kedzierska was used as a hostage of insane Polish state - had no choice other than to comply with violent Polish regime(insane shizofrenic radicalism)

Video can be also seen at

Polish state allowed herself as much crime as Justyna was willing to absorb on herself(she placed herself as a shield infront of own people and politicians who engaged in crime with idea to get whole thing going as the worst in her eyes was to stop).

Justyna didn't have choice. It was Warszaw's way. Duda/ Morawiecki(mentor Kaczynski) decided what would my destiny be. To get things going either way as they wouldn't allow me to walk away alive(barely escaped meeting with certain death in 2007 when even BRAND NEW car tires were replaced with old warn out tires - if blacklisted on employment market wasn't bad enough), she had no choice but to comply with their insane requests which in fact landed in psychiatric hospital Ljubljana Polje - 5 years of direct psychiatric violence and loss of two citizenship because of criminal schizophrenic Polish state.

What shizos Andrzej Duda and Morawiecki claimed was that the only way to save my life was to bring me to Poland and engage in terror torture. Polish government insisted me that it is foreign governments who want me dead, but that Poland will somehow save my life...hya. Thank you

Justyna is innocent in my eyes.

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