Monday, August 24, 2020

All about Donald Trumps's Jack Patrick Dorsey the co-founder and ceo of twitter who participated in my MK Ultra case(was test subject in Poland)

Posted and censored via Facebook. All you need to know about Mr. Dorsey from Twitter - incl. about his two kids on the side with Aryan lady while publicly appearing with women of color and playing as modest simple trying hard victim smart...he took special innitiative in making my life for worst and this via Poland alone where he would pay visitations after his contract already ended.

For news about Jack Patrick Dorsey, you can thank to two Americans who sold me a hard drive from China(via Ali-express where they pray on people like myself to cause them and China a damage - both of these duds were involved in MK Ultra and it took roughly 4 months for broken hard drive to arrive because first order ordered from another seller they planted never arrived) which probably doesn't even work(instead of 2 TB as paid for, I received non functional 1TB hard drive).

Know that I can be blatantly honest too.

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