Thursday, August 20, 2020

DANGEROUS: Polish state tortured to unconscious to get desired results and have caused spine damage already far in the past(not as drastic but it did) due to pure hatred against me

Video can be also seen at
This very forest reminded me about very well what went on in Poland during MK Ultra. Reminded me very well methods used to extract data from me as per every byte and even blaming it all on others. Poland because its the most convenient per European Union's German interests(nobody was willing to sell out more than Poland $$$).

Psychologist was designated to absorb all the hatred projected into me by herself. She was designated to be hated from my side for everything Polish state and its shizo citizens(SICKOS) produced on foreign citizen/ individual - summarized in two words Poland is a world of crime and hatred I wouldn't want to have on my door steps and this regardless of where on earth.

Polish pig stall(POLAND) needs to be cleaned up first INSIDE and then its citizens according to my views should be welcome back to other countries as such they represent danger to any civilized society/community. 

Those who supported them in this very crime against me should be on the same train for Poland as Poles alone(they are not Slovenians - they are just sellouts - same in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere).


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