Monday, August 31, 2020

Germans failed to pay THE BILL in this case for 25 years on the row in case you wonder who I am

Their court for human rights in Strasbourg served one purpose only - keeping me invisible for the sake of their Musks/ Joe Bezoses and filthy Nazi politic which they pushed throughout e. Europe via $$$$.

German with EU heir American and others colleagues talked about recognizing my MK Ultra case(hijacking/ abductions/ renditions/ drugging up and using heavily ECT to kill memory on what went on - parallel to forced unemployment and psychiatric torture) - not about admiring crime.

From what they claimed would result in hundreds of billions payout if I manage to prove what they referred to as MK Ultra case, to befriending every state individual who proved himself willing to stab me in my back - yes, this is real Germany. Country that hates Slavs to exist on map and this regardless of how you look wherever and whoever's is that you are....

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