Thursday, August 13, 2020

#1 Biden/Kamala Harris issue

WAS with man who became her husband(I know entire family including children - all involved in MK Ultra) extremely devoted democrat, BUT things CHANGED 180 DEGREES since marriage BECAUSE of this very MK Ultra case.

Donald Trump exploited in depth issue known as Kamala Harris and her HUSBAND Douglas Emhoff CAME TO CONCLUSION THAT ONE WILL ACCOMMODATE DONALD TRUMP because of his children if nothing else. Phrase keep friends close and enemies even closer appears in this case 100% legitimate. 

I already told you all about Joe Biden, but do as pleased. You play and you will pay.

She is awesome person other than that. She and her husband at first pledged to help me out, but things CHANGED. Children from Douglas Emhoff do live in United States of America, so go and figure out what that means yourself.

This very case - highest profile MK Ultra case ever was used to profile variety of people through whom Trump(government) would play cards in the future...the unlikely allies made strange friendship confederations...

You were warned.

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