Saturday, August 1, 2020

Owner of momma cat is individual from upfront(musician as I explained)

Moma cat today disappeared what most likely was his main scenario. He uses them for his purposes - gets whoever tenant to grow kittens and repeats procedure.

This will be his last one. I guarantee you this.

Nope, cats aren't to be used to please humans as he chanted me under MK Ultra and one mentioned even ECT on cats that makes them forget about everything - incl. young ones.


There is no fox in forest, but if you tell about this fox will be(his own words)...

Owner landlord will also explain police about traps he created with bucket for cats to exit property to forest being incapable to return on what they would terrorize them all over the forest till those would get lost across the forest to neighbors etc...

How about weasels/dogs are here !!???? Can you also guarantee me there are none !!????

Cat just returned back(pitch dark at 2330 hours), but stated above you can bet with me will be the case. What went on here with cats in the past will be NO MORE once and for all.

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