Tuesday, August 4, 2020

English language as language - use one as I need one to demonstrate what went/goes on only, but other than that and including that is totally useless dangerous language

This is language which brings human tremendous misfortune not only because it would be useless as language used to ask for help obviously fake government/private agencies, but its also the only language I know off which would disallowed non native speaker to engage in proper usage of one if banned from job market even overseas from owners of English language is not bad enough already.

Its not only impractical, its a dangerous language that brings misfortune.

Russians and Chinese never hacked computers of Chinese or Russians abroad to modify them software programs with idea to depict people as incapable to use proper language terminology of one(didn't cause such issue neither to native Chinese nor to native Russians abroad and even less they would dare to think about doing something like this to non natives as myself - to foreigners basically as I consider myself to be)

If something like this is to happen in the future, it will happen because America demonstrated to the world through my case alone that in fact it is allowed - allowed because it can be done as long as governments follow Orwellian game known as saw nothing, heard nothing, know nothing(not a hard thing to do, but point here to prove "allowed" is to bridge/violate laws/treaties/ constitution which we see United States of America committing as pioneer violator ongoing and in each field of humanity).

With one word - English language STINKS and needs to be replaced(substituted) per ASAP by other language as global language. I have a very serious regrets in learning one. Acknowledge one as total waste of life - cancer(punishment of the worst kind).

Humanity needs language developed which will stand for human beings as equal - not Esperanto of pathetic royal paedo elites hiding behind titles. 

Learning language should benefit individual/societies and not pushed them backwards(punish them for knowledge) as a result. 

Ignorance is not power, and US shouldn't prove the opposite to humanity.

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