Sunday, August 2, 2020

Greater than for myself - trip to Poland was foremost lesson for Buckingham palace so they could learn/see what a human looks like

It wasn't about me learning only(I do every day), but instead foremost for those who wanted once again understand what their golden reserves represent. They wanted to demonstrate(Schwarzenegger bragged about it) their progeny how to get ahead in life(game as they refer to one as) and for them to use what they have so they don't have to go through what I did in life.

Royalism - you have to understand one and not only blindly see lies as reality

#1 Royalism - slavery(when people are sold on markets as slaves openly and blatant exploitation takes place in factories/fields).

#2 Capitalism(in worst case scenario people are hijacked to other countries - capitalism still must look presentable due to existence of communism which is a precondition for existence of capitalism - if not for communism, we would instead have monarchism as explained above). Capitalism we see in USA is just a temporary coverup for monarchism since globe was semi liberated by communism.

#3 Socialism - real democracy, but enemy of both - enemy of royalism and off course capitalism which exists to protect monarchism. Its a communism where small companies are even allowed to exist.

#4 Communism. Pure utopia because Royalism and capitalism. Biggest problem is corruption phenomena unless society is as disciplined as is case with China. 

China, however, embraces socialist option more than communism itself as there are huge private corporations as well in one and values input of each individual to society individually(not the same as USSR case was).

From above one can see via elements in our societies just how quickly social system in our society can be collapsed/changed/ overthrown when people have NOOO overview whatsoever about what goes on behind curtain at all - Russia as an example.

The only emperors I embrace and pa respect to are located in Japan. They live for Japan from sunrise to sundown. Its all hey do. Their life in eyes of European crown gigolos is boring. They are very unique people in my eyes.

I remain capitalist with strong accent on NO to royalism and YES to social norms - specially good affordable education for all(good beginnings) and care for disabled/elderly. Rights for workers as far as society's sabotage(so called exploitation is nothing more than sabotage of society in case you didn't know) prevention. Keep ambitions alive and kill corruption in a nutshell.

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