Thursday, August 27, 2020

MK Ultra - Home of probably already late(dead) eldest American MK Ultra member who purchased herself a home in Poland

She was involved since 1995 and have retired herself from US. Home is located just 800 yards/meters from where car is parked.

Home was sold in 2006 as lady probably was transfered to home for elderly or ?.

I have video on this subject.

There is more in this street, and in area is probably still alive first American psychologist involved in MK Ultra already in 1995. We came to this area because of him. He inherited apartment and retired from my MK Ultra case in 2001 or so on what Daniel Smith took one over or so.

There were another 2 American psychologists involved in this cade which would be casually involved in one + 1 Israeli, but no one was as much as here mentioned psychologist of Polish ruts and Daniel Smith.

Lady involved in MK Ultra was not psychologist or psychiatrist, but she did have a field of study with some psychology involved in it that would grant back then to me recognition of case. Was good friend with Elon Musk who advised her NOT to stay in Poland.

Trump laughed at me at this lake along with his "children"... I cite, " you are very very close to truth now - just perhaps 2/3 light years away, but really close"(what followed were always electroshocks).

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