Thursday, March 31, 2022

It gets better(low pressure difficult to tolerate, but okay when compared to rest - 25% of time), gets mid bad(middle bad pressure that bothers69% of time) and near death experience(you can feel in head as if your capillaries of the brain in rear will explode - 1%)

 How the f**** you come home without any sound at all in great health for second day on the row that just doesn't happen at all since 2018(perhaps 5% of time, but lately I managed to accomplish stated on several occasions already) and you go withing three hours of sleep into near death experience(1%) as was case AGAIN last night for which I don't even understand why the hell one of the capillaries of the brain didn't explode already...HOW !!???? 

I worked hard to improve clean my blood on my own, but where if not in the grave from here !!???? Well, it wasn't only last night like this - I get punished like this each time I accomplish normal health status pressure wise...drinking no coffee, consuming zero salt, a spoon two of sugar per day with white cacao and thats about it trying to quit even as stated - till equilibrium gets pushed over the edge and I end-up with with stress and pain as explained was last night(either via poisoning or directed energy attack - consumed nothing before sleep last night). At the same time Britons from Londonia in 2020(hijacked from Lodz hostel) claimed how we will me one more time via MK Ultra etc...

My mother drinks 3x times a day 3dcl of milk with 1.5 dcl(half of cofee cup poisonus as hell too) instant cofee mixed in one - she is 85

 Claims to have pressure issues and writes number on papers which she is displacing all over the kitchen - still I don't dispute her problem EVEN THAT PSYCHIATRISTS I WITNESSED UNDER MK ULTRA INSISTED HER TO SUPPRESS DURING MY PRESENCE AND DUE TO STORES WHERE SHE IS PURCHASING SUBSTANCES TO A THIRD OF CONSUMPTION....She does this along pills for pressure...father is 90 years old diagnosed as "demented", but who know as hell what goes on around and drives car and does whatever requires precision/details and can recall whenever he wants whatever he wants...both are physically healthier than myself age 50. If I did drank one coffee cup of what my mother consumes three times a day, I do be found dead the next day. 

I get around not only using C vitamin as final seasoning to already prepared food in style of salt, cleaning kidneys liver with drinking water while walking, using whole lemon after meals or during walks - but knowing when to engage in pushups and pull-ups due to what I realized de-facto is contaminated blood. In another words, doing pushups/pull-ups with contaminated blood(I felt cramps above Achilles area as well as veins stretching on legs etc. even pain in heart chest area) pushes one through lymph nodes and heart and what consequently causes more damage...key is to clean blood first with long walk and water(specially in the mornings due to night residue in liver/kidneys area) while eating healthy and then utilise heavy exercise. My health drastically improved, but still is unacceptable as new normal and directed energy attacks(why I stated above) are a matter of reality during which I am severely punished for being alive 

This isn't about controlling stress or callories, this is about being punished to do the right thing health wise and try to live normal(alive)

Yesterday, I returned at 3am from training - burning calories and in great health shape, but was most severely punished for it AGAIN they are doing it for 5 years already and for what !!??? To prove I am shit indifferent from couch sofa lazy good for nothing !!???

I actually thank Mark Zuckerberg for this news.

What started in 2002 and carried on since from Chinese side known as an offer(a guarantee) for airplane fighter jets manufacturing in Poland not only sale of planes is how far Chinese delegation was willing to go with offer to Poland to accomodate one

And what I gladly accepted from Chinese in 2002 while accompanied by Polish inside of this very room on a laptop just to be called aside immediately by CIA - Mitch McConnell and others on how they have better deal for us on the table and to reject deal...but rejection was not based on buyer accompanied by wholesaler only(a total cheat), Pollacks and Americans video recorded me rejecting the deal via torture in Slovenia which was latter once videos were obtained fortified further by Janez Ogulin

The day I get news about whatever health issue requireing surgery/pills whatever

 Will be my suicide day. Make no mistake about "what happens" 

Good luck to all of you, but in this case with exception of few who identified me from MK Ultra such as was Polish waitress, you existed for the sake of evil against me.

Thats what will happen

Heart surgery, hypertension, diabetes, etc. - BYE BYE SUICIDE HELLO. IS WHAT HAPPENS. 

Never again will you lay down on me your filthy hands either way. MURDERERS!

THIS IS NOT ABOUT TOXIC AS THEY BRAINWASHED ON UNDER SO CALLED "MKULTRA"(regular torture - killing in fact supported with severe sleep deprivation methods during MK Ultra torture alone): It happened to me already second time that I managed to beat blood pressure sound in my head and cardio related issues for two days on the row

Using lemons, C vitamin as additive to cooked food, avoiding milk - but each time, I was brutally proven wrong.

Yesterday I lost 5 hours repairing video for what also was told, two days earlier 8 hours repairing computer as windows wouldn't connect computer claimed, after medical examination fire rescue trucks rushed throughout city with police and ambulance sirens, three days ago got entourage of fire rescue trucks flashing lights during walk home from training at 0:20 hours in the morning(insane), got woke up twice since medical examination to either police or ambulance or fire rescue sirens from other side of the river...pretty intense insanity.

Do you know what happens each time as is stated in title(twice I managed to beat blood pressure as stated in title for two days straight, however there were other occasions when health improved drastically, but each time it was a pay-time next day via either poisoning or radiation) and you get beaten up at night - its bad because it lasts 5 years already...hypertension is a killer sure and works magic(can kill one) during sleep on one, but this hypertension of mine undetected by physicians eventually appears for 5 years and has a great chance to become new permanent or worse...this is what happens and lack of sleep so severe is impossible to beat. You gain weight regardless of what you do(returned yesterday at 3am to get nice surprise again. "Toxic" is what happens. You turn yourself into a shit like individuals who claimed me this will be the case or well...

The most secure way to disappear(its when you take passenger's seat in main stream media if you matter enough to government instead of some poor bastard who really got killed or simply some empty seat) or get someone killed is by airplane - using airplane was queen Elisabeth's number one fear

My sincere condolences to people of China due to plane crash, but I didn't and will not pay attention to casualties as per who plane went down on evening I disavowed China for fascist approach toward Russian invasion on Ukraine. Putin/Medvedev Lavrov claimed me will do the same. I condemn China for such approach toward resolving global l issues(God know how many "enemies" of Beijing were on that downed plane). Yet another flight 101 to nowhere as was case with Poland in 2010.

Have to make my case crystal clear so some NOBODY will no longer insist on my being chicken king

It takes somebody to create what you see here and it takes human shit to shit all over the people's lives(chess board) and for chickens to pick one after them...there is much British in London royals as is in average drunk anywhere on globe. For me to not lower myself into issue of "royal"...I now have to find a way to repair video related to Novo mesto mayor Macedoni 

Physician Matjaž Kokovec(individual who examined me 7 days ago) claimed in 2013/ 2015/2017 will prove me my not being anything better than what he was/is(evidently via blood poisoning)

Individual even decided will become a physician because of my case is how much one was involved in my case and received emotional support for becoming one from Igor Kotar alone(and other physicians where one was introduced), but not because he liked me - apparently I angered one. 
On my critiques about his obesity issues straight into his face due to his laziness for which he hurried were related to due studying(what he claimed me during MK Ultra after he insulted with my being nobody/nothing special a loser etc.), he responded with as stated in title. Related to

MY HEAD THAT FEELS BEATEN UP AS HELL when I get up in mornings for the last week - never experienced dizzines in my life time(not even in boxing ring)

I completely figured out issue behind blood pressure heart related issues - its blood issue related to liver and kidneys which can be somewhat regulated by use of C vitamin, whole lemon, and immediate walk after meal - main meal is morning meal which should be preemptively(prior to meal) washed by glass of water... and then throughout walk bottle of water used to clean blood as much as somehow go on with it, but nothing more...

But I have experienced as was promised by London royals case will be if I will appear on second health examination and still complaining about heart related problems a brain related issues...

Royals examined work of physicians in Novo mesto thoughtfully as per who will play what part together with American administration - Joe Biden knew all about my future physicians(not only London) and claimed those will help me get my claim through in respect to neighbor Kotar Igor - I don't think so as physician Matjaž Kokovec who just examined me claimed me had to do dirty work for Kučan, a good work for me per Joe Biden, and truth about criminal is such that all were in agreement with one another with final outcome I cite myself who rated Kukovec during his MK Ultra torture(criminal engaged in torture and bullied me on how I am no one/nothing/nobody who will never get through any thing, have voted for me to die etc.) and tenure at the Novo mesto hospital as "incompetent lazy and good for nothing incompetent obese criminal"(for that part "obese criminal" one became obsessed same as Kotar to prove me my not being any better than him despite his age difference much younger than myself and what he claimed me will prove him to be better by totally failing when my tome comes to prove myself - one stated me issue due to blood poisoning which will as result if I will do heavy exercise affect my heart - insisted on how I will die if I will do physical exercise other than walking on flat surface and claimed how there will be nothing he possibly will be capable to do for me other than offer me measuring of heart functioning due to low heart rate - via Holter EKG which Ljubljana obtained in 2008 and Novo mesto finally in 2012 and was told is a regular smart watch useful only for Kučan and Pahor to know how far blood poisoning made it - and further how due to heavy exercise strain test I shouldn't decline lalalala)...REGULAR KILLER.

Today, next to sleep deprivation only MY HEAD FEELS BEATEN UP AS HELL, but this although not as severe started after medical examination I had 7 days ago...when I got up in mornings for the last week became, however, unbearable today. For the first time in my life experiencing also drowsiness/dizziness as if would receive heavy blows to head during boxing match which I never really did my boxing ended 38 years ago at age 22...

It was prince Andrew who hand picked violent UDBA killer Gregor Macedoni - a Novo mesto mayor(and all others they coordinated with London)

 He appealed to him due to his physical looks - made no sense for me to protest killer in his face infront of Andrew.

@ Gregor Macedoni - I don't think you needed authorization to become Novo mesto mayor from Milan Kučan/Pahor(Ljubljana) since you are from Janez Janša's political party...I just KNOW based on memories and what you stated(you contradicted yourself) there is no difference between any of you and you all work together.




 Observing killers every day over the course of the years. It was Chechnya alone - before Chechnya was Slovenia...their hands covered with blood of nations - not only people like myself.

Classes repeated in Slovenia till 2000, but first that came to the table profited the most...Putin received his in USA at George Bush's private ranch in Texas...and not single one...
QUEEN ELISABETH PROVIDED WITH MORE THAN JUST CLASS ON HOW TO CONDITION SLOVENIAN NATIVES POLITICAL AFFILIATION LIKE IT OR NOT(jobs/employment, promotiones, and credits as well as business opportunities were presented by British royale elite to what otherwise they refer to as "communists"). A COMPLETE BACKGROUND ABOUT HOW TO SMASH, CRASH, DESTROY COUNTRY FROM WITHIN.


Here is what is left of Ukrainian pro NATO's city Marioupul(they call a war criminal even a "president" in their news articles) - Putin demands Mariupol surrender to end shelling
Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that shelling of the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol will only end when Ukrainian troops surrender.

Mr Putin made the comments during an hour long phone call with French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday night, the Kremlin said in a statement.


PERHAPS EVEN THIS WEEK(6 months max - China in search for bloodshed): She was here in Novo mesto city and planned on taking Taiwan with her - create public outrage, however, appears not so alone(boss of Taiwan corrections was involved and so were many other officials)


 I have seen alot, but feel there is still a lot I have no clue about in respect to Taiwan. I do like to praise

Taiwanese self determination and acknowledge these people as traitors to Taiwan, but we still don't know how whole thing will play out in case of war conflict. When brought to Taiwan, these people were acknowledged as traitors, but why have they remained withing system for so long and why stunts like this !!???? Taiwan appears to have no nuclear defense in place - not known in media. Stunts like this are used as war invitation what I was told case will be...we are perhaps just days apart from war if its to
believe top Chinese leadership who insisted me stated here under so called "MK Ultra".

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Video is coming, but I lost already 5 hours repairing one

 Thats how it goes 

Thats how it all went all along...many many times.

Corruption for which I was told was added to cost of my MK Ultra project in the future by future Novo mesto mayor whom Kučan Pahor "conditioned" job(THEY ALL WORK TOGETHER WITH ONE ANOTHER SINCE THE BEGINING OF THIS CASE DAY 1 IN 1995 - Its just how they wanted me to be delusional about myelf and politically distort well know stated fact)

What also cost of my MK Ultra project was from(according to) Novo mesto city mayor Gregor Macedoni(mayor of the city since 2014 - involved in my MK Ultra case since 1995 and was also in Poland - participated hunger games in Lodz/Zgierz area) and head of the Novo mesto police Janez Ogulin and local psychiatrist Peter Kapš who in 2010 ALL TOGETHER insisted on how its in best interest of all(Kapoš terrorized people on view in respect to future bicycle trail as well, but insisted me on small project coming in near future which would be a small favor and pre-condition for my case) and therefore since I would depend on all these people best interest of MINE to promote idea about bicycle trail as good idea...
Video can be also seen at OR
 For Novo mesto city Gregor Macedoni I was warned will have no choice other than to accept what otherwise is request from Ljubljana Kučan/Pahor which would condition one with mentioned project and also ability to become mayor of Novo mesto city lalalala - fact, however, is that they all work and have worked together since day 1.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

In 1993/1994 prior to my departure to USA, I shortly dated two females both with brown eyes(I wanted to establish myself finacially first is why shortly)

 One was Slovenian from just 2 miles from here and second one brown haired brown eyes was 100% Serbian born in Ljubljana with name Aleksandra(her father was even JNA officer)...nobody gave s*** about who was blue eyed or haired, but Milan Kučan with Borut Pahor built his entire legacy based on hatred for which goal he used me. As for everything else(talking to my own Slovenian people) grew in your insane schizophrenic heads you used to convince YOURSELF in unreal and which finally led you to even stop military draft service in 2003(to have excuse for crime against me what other) due to my repeated calls during torture to you people of Slovenia to tackle Slovenian police with one. Strah ima velike oči, korupcija ima še večje oči, zatajitev samega sebe pa največje "oči"(laži)...

Tusk "warns" Kaczyński on the eve of the anniversary of the Smolensk disaster

UKRAINE CATASTROPHE OR SMOLENSK FLIGHTS TO NOWHERE BOUND TO REPEAT ITSELF: Till they clean their own mess(100 Polish patriots were murdered on flight to Smolensk with Kaczynski's brother and his 1/4 Russian 100% pro Putin's wife missing - corpses never retrieved), there is no future in it for anyone... A deal with Chinese planes which I brought to table in 2004 in fact, was the best ever deal Poland and Ukraine could hope for - As Xi Jinping alone stated me on opportunity BACK THEN "the last chance to avoid war was missed"..

100 most pro Polish patriots were murdered on flight to death in 2010 aboard of Polish plane from Poland to Russian Katyn.....



Guided all over my own country and told by Serbs alone how my facial characteristics are not in line with Serbian - had to listen Aleksandar Vućić who gave compliments to Serbian looking individuals(descendants of Serbs in Slovenia and same whenever hijacked to Serbia) how he would want his son to look like someone from area, so he could feel and know where he is from what case with me never will be and other perversion...NO THANK YOU !!!

"This is the best gift for Putin." Tusk "warns" Kaczyński on the eve of the anniversary of the Smolensk disaster

- If someone from Smolensk wants to make a policy that divides Poles and destroys the atmosphere of solidarity, this is the best gift imaginable for Putin. This is playing to the notes that Moscow writes - said the leader of the Civic Platform, Donald Tusk at the conference in Zduńska Wola. The former prime minister intends to continue meetings with Poles in various places around the country.


EAT OUR SORROW AND REGRET HAHAHAHA: "We feel deep sorrow for the transatlantic slave trade, and fully recognise the strong sense of injustice and the legacy of slavery, but money for reparations you will never get never see(reparations are not part of the government's approach)"

 @Buckingham palace and British - from 1995 and up(what you earned through slavery is of no interest to me). I never was part of one one never will be part of me other than you use me as a slave.
Government of UK as you see is guilty as far as reparations and for Ukraine's Romanovs war on Ukraine a Putin is the one to blame for - not Russia nor West...

In Jamaica last week, Prince William trotted out the same tired platitudes the UK has parroted for years. Now it’s time to pay

He claimed me in face red card was for his vote casted against me in support for cancer

Such a gentleman around people, but very different in his environment. Not tat would matter much, but physician who examined me 4 days ago and many others involved told me the same(pressured me during captivity for years on how vote turned against me in favor of death - cancer) - they voted in 2013 and 2015...cancer game. MK Ultra !!???? I don't think so....
He needed this and his friend needed pool and so it went - each time, however, I paid the price ;) Identical to Will Smith and others who claim are entitled(don't question their own criminal conscious, but demand world to see itself in them vs those who forced them to earn money and vs those whom they engaged in crime against)

Monday, March 28, 2022

AUDIO V SLOVENSKEM JEZIKU/ IN SLOVENIAN LANGUAGE ONLY - Drugi obisk v Novomeški splošni bolnici(oddelek za urgence) glede bolečin v srčnem predelu telesa/Second visitation related to heart RELATED issues to Novo mesto general Hospital on March 24th 2022

Coming next is translation of few identified people involved in MK Ultra who also participated due to their own health related issues but during(at the same time) my medical examinations or whenever I was brought(drugged up) to this very hospital...

Estimated 565 Billion Dollars damage to Ukraine so far - The total amount of one-time losses suffered by Ukraine since the start of Russian invasion already stands at $564.9 billion.

Ukraine’s war losses amount to $565B

ULTIMATE TRUTH ABOUT WAR ON UKRAINE AS PER WHO/HOW/ AND WHY: Russo Finish Winter War of 1939 and/or how Finland which became a communist state known as FINNISH SOCIALIST WORKERS REPUBLIC since 1918 became known as a nazi state during Hitler's war on Russia

This is in response to Romanovs from London who somehow continue to question their sabotage against people of Ukraine
And yes, history as you all know, repeats itself...

Queen Elisabeth alone admitted me and others, "We didn't care because they became communist"...

Dutch Bob Bee and his family received good amounts of money for traveling as well as goodies in return for abuse/beatings - simply torture(travel and torture not only in gaden behind house with neighbors)

For trip to Australia in 2013 lured $3000(all from Buckingham palace) and same was with other locations where they involved locals against me...eventfully Bob Bee got married to Hong Kong lady(now Chinese - both knew about Hing Kong going in hands of China a decade ahead of Chinese takeover isn't that interesting as was heated debate that went on in our Novo mesto house also about that issue) from what I was told temporary - to have excuse for crime against me 

His youtube account is monitored and approved by no other than Dutch King who dedicated one to this very case with "could be like this or like that"...

@Joe, Xi Jinping(regular Chinese fascist), Putin, Berlin, and specially DUTCH KING WILLEM who is in hurry and furry to South Africa and others - not so easy(slow down)...all stated above with comments I even left under his account was video recorded way prior my presenting one the other day on my Website.

Several people identified yesterday, but main one was a police officer involved in MK Ultra since 1995

 It didn't come to me immediately, but police officer became a police officer in 1995. He is from Mečkovec(on the other side of Krka river near bar Sonček) opposite to what I stated one was from Vovko, Ratež area...he was reprimanded in 2004 and had to undergo because of me(its what Ogulin and he alone claimed) a special training at police station and perhaps even in Ljubljana/Tacen for several weeks...obviously has connections to Ogulin(director of police) and psychiatrist Peter Kapš, but I would still like to meet one. Police officer also bought in 2015 for himself metallic blue VW Golf caravan which he used yesterday when he stopped me at Velike Brusnice after checking house of his friend a mechanic - blonde Slovenian involved in MK Ultra since 1995 whom Pahor and Kučan rated as good as to be destroyed/wasted(because of his blonde hair - UDBA targeted anything/anyone blonde but it was far worse as you are about to read in continuation)...about 2 years after he completed hiss school for mechanic, he begun to operate his own junkyard repair-shop at home which didn't have prospect perhaps even because of his facial characteristics and had to go to work for mechanic at Ratež...

@Will Smith - and I do love to know what really took place with your father and to some of your relatives

I have already(last year) video recorded about your father - all about his "unfortunate" death how you use me to push him off limits and found solution to problem you created...if I added jokes you played on me during torture, they would have dragged you from audience in a casket. Based on seen here, you didn't deserve any other treatment...just wait buddy - police knows real you and the real "joke" is coming your way.

The actor continued, "I'm being called on in my life to love people and to protect people, and to be a river to my people. I know to do what we do you gotta be able to take abuse, you gotta be able to have people talk crazy about you. In this business, you gotta be able to have people disrespecting you and you gotta smile and pretend like that's OK."

WESTERN MAKING OF PUTIN(from acknowlidging one as war criminal to "understanding" one): The Making of Vladimir Putin

The outcome of Ukrainian affiliation with West will be a greatly reduced Ukraine without almost any coastal access to what once used to be entirely(concerning Russia and Ukraine only - apart from other countries which had access to one),  Ukrainian Black sea. Plan of Russia size of ex USSR from Romanovs from London becoming more and more realistic scenario with first NATO using reduced Ukraine for its goals on other continents along Russia...
"Understand - not act" is always a better way out of problems they created, but thats hos leadership works(no problems no solutions no leadership - knife in the back foremost of people of Ukraine)  !!!

Princess Anne hurried during MK ultra that people who would be identified as trouble makers would be punished - removed

And did so in respect to stated medical team - well, nope. None of these people ever got punished in contrary were hired to cause problems. Thew didn't act alone either as was google that placed their results atop of search...while I was also told(KEEP THIS IN YOUR MIND YOU ALL) how if criticizing government officials my witnesses who praised me under MK Ultra will disappear, I am here to tell you that those whom you counted and count the most to mediate between me and yourself will be consequently wasted BUT FROM MYSELF - FROM THIS END. This will leave YOU with less and less chance to avoid wrath at police/courts....Just so YOU understand how REAL rules of game you created work. Thats why 

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Why did Daniel Rex Smith(American psychologist) asked for so many insane EXTREME scenarios to be used in my case for me to obtain hard proofs about so called "MK Ultra" case is clear to me - but it was not for me as he claimed over and over

Caused me far more damage than good, but did have psychological effect on politicians who surrounded me along their negotiations and negotiators - it did pushed them toward criminally distorted views. Arguments he was making to them through my case destroyed their ability to view reality as reality and act according to one 

What started in 1995/1996 with my observing drugged up Smith on how random individual along the walk would push him or even land him a slap on what one would disappear(thats how he teached me what he referred to as "tolerance") turned into some other stuff...while his scenarios never ended with exchange of force infront of me right there and right then during incidents, however, one always had people who acted reported back to us on how others got them and were sorry for causing harm - accented me imporatnce of complaining rather than taking actions in my own hands...something I never ever settled for and drugged up as I was even offered to Smith to undue him harm by hurting individuals myself for whom I knew VERY WELL he was the one bullying me all along I stated, I yet have to learn who this invisible man truly was and is.

Here is how Americans supported Putin's Russo Serbian war behind their 27 years long Iron courtain world of lies and crime against me - What Is Paranoid Schizophrenia?

These people(many of them) were involved straight in crime against me and appears stick to one. I was instructed to run from such articles by American psychologist Daniel Rex Smith, but I yet have to learn who this man in reality is to judge one's efforts to "help" beyond his job duties.
The original Canadian princess Anne's diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia against me went into issue of my claiming to be Slovenian during their visit in 1999 where brought hijacked - will according to Londonia either prove Slovenia to exist or be ripped apart inside of the psychiatric system since I continued to reject my own incorporation into greater Russian genocide through Serbian lobby. Slovenia for those who craved for crime to fill their own pockets and afterwards searched for excuses through adding more crime against me for which they believed I will eventually settle for in search for so called "MK Ultra" proofs, for me no longer exists. Russia or Serbia even less. Crime, however, did an still does and Romanovs from London will not apologize one as per part of necessary in absolutely any way for absolutely anyone.

Article appears was written word by word from this very website of mine whose editor perhaps had idea to destroy his entire medical association - perhaps filed of psychiatry !!????

What Is Paranoid Schizophrenia?

Medically Reviewed by Smitha Bhandari, MD on October 21, 2021

Paranoid schizophrenia, or schizophrenia with paranoia as doctors now call it, is the most common example of this mental illness.

Schizophrenia is a kind of psychosis, which means your mind doesn't agree with reality. It affects how you think and behave. This can show up in different ways and at different times, even in the same person. The illness usually starts in late adolescence or young adulthood.

INSIDE OF THE MENTALLY ILL RUSSIAN ZZ MEIN KAMPF PROPAGANDA PAPER(the oldest Russian news outlet): Ukraine is illegitimate as a state. It has been since 2014

 And Russia will annihilate and besiege Ukrainian cities and Zelensky will surrender any moment lalala...there is only missing in title how Ukrainians as nation never ever existed and Sieg Heil salutation...Russian Holodomor of Ukrainians  meets or even exceeds Holocaust issues(favorite Ukrainian destination next to Jews - state of Israel). and since two share so much common(including genetic - DNA) it is hard for me to understand Israeli's approach toward Ukrainian issue of today...

See more at

Ukraine is illegitimate as a state. It has been since 2014

Russia put forward a new ultimatum to Kiev. Russia wants Ukraine to sign a new package of agreements to replace the now defunct Minsk Accords. Russia wants Ukraine to renounce all claims to the Crimea and the independent republics of Donetsk and Luhansk.

Russia put forward a new ultimatum to Kiev, Telegram-channel Legitimate reports. Volodymyr Zelensky was given 12 hours to make a decision, after which Russia will kick off the second phase of the military campaign with the use of military aircraft and warships, the channel said.

Putin voiced the first ultimatum on February 23, when he said that in order for Moscow and Kiev to negotiate peace, Ukraine will need to:

  • conduct demilitarization,
  • refuse to join NATO,
  • hold direct negotiations with the DPR and LPR.

The second ultimatum came from the head of the Donetsk People's Republic Denis Pushilin, who demanded the peaceful liberation of the territory of the republic to its administrative borders. However,'s Kiev's Bandera regime refused to fulfill all of Russia's conditions, and Putin was forced to launch a military operation to coerce Ukraine to peace.

Ukraine's Bandera regime on the brink of destruction

By the afternoon of February 24, the Russian troops had reached the left bank of the Dnieper River and approached the suburbs of Kiev. Ukraine has lost its air force, air defense and navy, as well as major civilian airports. The authorities are demoralized, it is only radicals in the Donbass that resist, which was expected.

Sergei Kuyun, the head of the A-95 consulting group, told Strana that there were no supplies of diesel fuel coming to Ukraine either from Russia or Belarus anymore. Ukraine's diesel fuel reserves will be enough for about a month, but they may run out completely a lot earlier, given the panic and feverish demand. It is not ruled out that Ukraine will soon experience food shortages that will bring the end of the regime even closer.

Russia will never fight on its own territory again — this is the main message of Vladimir Putin's speech that he delivered announcing the start of the military special operation.

Russia still ready for dialogue, despite war

"Russia will always be ready for dialogue that will bring everyone back to justice and the principles of the UN Charter," Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a meeting with his Pakistani counterpart Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

The Russian Federation is ready for a new Yalta conference — Putin will not talk to comedian Zelensky.

Ukrainian regime has been illegal since 2014

The Minsk Accords were created to give Ukraine a chance to become a civilised state. The Ukrainian authorities should have changed its Constitution immediately after the illegal Maidan coup in 2014. All political forces in all regions of Ukraine should have sent their representatives to Kiev to elaborate amendments to the Ukrainian Constitution. However, Ukraine chose to pretend that there was no coup at all, that all those people, who had been killed in the streets of Kiev and burned alive in the House of Trade Union in Odessa, did not even exist. No one has ever been punished for those bloody crimes. Yet, Ukraine refused to claim responsibility for all those deaths.

Ukraine's President Victor Yanukovych was toppled in an illegal coup. This suggests that everything that has been happening in Ukraine up until this moment is illegitimate. However, the Ukrainians considered their new regime legitimate enough.

Nevertheless, both the Donetsk People's Republic, and the Luhansk People's Republic refused to obey the new illegitimate regime in Ukraine. It just so happened that a big part of the state chose not to obey its laws. They took up arms to defend their sovereignty.

Ukrainian stars call for peace altogether. They didn't 8 years ago

After Putin announced the military operation to demilitarise Ukraine, Russian social media exploded. Many public figures, including many famous people of Ukrainian origin, who live and work in Russia, started calling for nothing but peace.

"Please stop this war!! Ukraine wants peace, we all want peace!!" many wrote on Instagram, Facebook, etc.

For example, Ukrainian pop singer Svetlana Loboda, who performs a lot in Russia, wrote on Instagram:

"My heart is breaking! I am in contact with my loved ones in Ukraine since 5 in the morning. How can all this be possible?! Dear God, stop all this! In tears."

However, one may come across comments from supporters of the DPR and LPR, who wrote messages like this one:

  • "Our hearts were breaking when Ukraine was bombing the Donbass, killing civilians! Where were you, dear Svetlana, when your Ukraine was bombing Donetsk and Luhansk? Why were you and all others like you silent for eight years when Ukraine was bombing the Donbass? Were you in tears for the people of the Donbass when Ukrainian military men were killing children there? Why didn't you call for peace before? You should have been in tears since 2014!"
  • "It's so sad that a county like Ukraine has succumbed to the USA and sold itself as a power completely. The clown that you have in power today is a US puppet," a user wrote in the comments to Loboda's post.

Another Ukrainian star, TV host Zhanna Badoyeva (Badoyeva is known for her travel shows, in which she describes how common people live in different countries of the world), who also works in Russia a lot, wrote:

"The most terrible morning of February 24, 2022. Fear and horror."

And people commented:

  • "We are in Donetsk, and we feel fear and horror for eight years. Why didn't you say anything before?"
  • "You haven't been to the Donbass. You would be living in fear and horror for eight years, like we are living here now!"
  • "There was fear and horror in Odessa, where common people were burned alive, and no one was punished for that! Unsub!"
  • "Why didn't you go to Donbass to show how people live there??? Did you forget about the Donbass or were you scared to go there to film your TV show?"
  • "When eight years ago Donetsk did not support the coup in Kiev, when Yanukovych fled, and Turchinov sent troops to Donetsk, everybody in Ukraine were yelling in unison: "Separatists!" We have been living in the DPR for eight years now and still nobody cares. No one from Ukraine regretted it and no one took the side of Donetsk. Our children know what bomb explosions are, how shells sound when they arrive, and how heavy weapons sound when they fire. None of the famous people had called for peace back then. Now everyone remembered suddenly that we are a nation, that we will win the territories back. You only think about territories, but do you think about the people who live on those territories? I have no joy from the decisions made in the Russian Federation, because I no longer want to run, hide and listen to the sound of bombs and shells. I did not vote for anyone in Ukraine, in the DPR, in the Russian Federation, but there is war in my city!"

See more at

BANDIT KAPITALIZEM PO SLOVENSKO - Več denarja ko zaslužijo bolj protestirajo - sploh pa tisti ki so zahtevali od teritorjalne obrambe Slovenije naj slednja položi orožje pred Srbskim okupatorjem(Slovenija pa da naj opusti kakršne koli ideje o samostojnosti)

Od Pahorja, Janše pa ostalih ničvrednežev med katerimi so se in se znajdejo prav tako zdravniki...sam sebe pri svojih zaslužkih državne podpore ki je znašala skupno 1500 Evrov za zadnjih 16 let(vse drugo pa je šlo iz mojega žepa od prihrankov kakor izsiljevanja preko prislne nezaposelnisti - se pravi "starševske pomoći" 100 Evrov na mesec z sobico in pa seveda v psihiatriji Ljubljana Polje da so le pretepanja šla naprej) prav gotovo nemorem imenovati za Slovenca ali Slovenskega državljana
Pa vesele volitve 2022 vam želim BOGATIM "LEVIČARJEM" akor se sami imenujete

No LOL, Zelensky is 100% not a nazi - Zelensky was actually obsessed with me to degree he would quit being even Ukrainian before defending one due to my support for Ukraine till he learned what truly went on...

His father - used to serve in Soviet military from what I can recall whenever brought to his home by Zelensky and also was against me(BOTH CAMPAIGNED FOR RUSSIA TILL IT BECAME CLEARLY EVIDENT THAT PUTIN WAS/IS A MADMAN) - otherwise extremely giving father probably still wouldn't like me today, but I like him😅 anyways...this is a classic post Soviet Ukrainian family for which I will tell you in case of conspiracy theories involving Zelensky as far as nazism is a total paranoia and foremost a lie...Zelensky also has a brother who declared life time vendetta on me for above stated reasons😀😁😅 not that I would be afraid of one or worry about one, but since its about something that isn't truth I had to give my input...regular Russian DISINFO !!!


Saturday, March 26, 2022

I regret Chinese position on Ukraine because I like Chinese people

Xi Jinping dreamed in my face in-front of map in China(he then upon return from China had others repeat me same in Novo mesto and he alone repeated me same during his visit in this very house as well) how one would fire intercontinental nuclear missile into eastern Europe if necessary(if I wouldn't see China in respect to Ukraine with rope over my eyes), but I will tell you today not a single missile launched from China will ever get anywhere with what modern technology offers...I do so because again - I like you Chinese people.

RUSSIAN RIPOFF OF UKRAINE FROM JOSEPH STALIN TO PUTIN - Ukrainian post card from 1919 looked as you see here

 HOW RUSSIA WIPED UKRAINE(still biggest European country till 2022) OFF THE MAP OVER THE COURSE OF LAST 100 YEARS.

In 2017, however, it was prince Andrew who insisted Russian in our Novo mesto house how I am now quailified(due to pro Russian posts at the time) for departure to Russia/Belarus - what Romanovs from London

 Insisted on for already no less than 22 years at the time(since 1995). I will never see them differently.

One time in 1995 or so, I ordered prince Andrew to demonstrate me his wallet - literately open one for me to see how much money is in there

 He looked at me weirdly - couldn't believe what I stated one...asked another MK Ultra staff member about it after I made unusual in his eyes "request"...He asked me infront of other staff member why would I want to see his wallet on what I told one I cite, "to know that you are not some kinds of loser thief - because I want to make sure whom I am dealing with"...Andrew was barely standing on his feet and have skeptically proceeded even gesturing with sarcastic smile on face how he knows my kind and I am after his money like ladies on what he proceeded to ask me what I think I am....I answered one with, "one young

@Queen Elisabeth

 Perhaps its just that your grand-kids(perhaps even your kids who knows) wanted to rob you - I admit to have no clue since you were so sincere the other day, but you are wealthy beyond your riches - that I guarantee you as was you and your members WHO BLOCKED foreign investors to approach me in real time(far wealthier than 88 billion so you could use me for your own leverage in world of connections...I WILL CONSIDER THE AMMOUNT OF MONEY YOU WERE WORTH BEFORE 1995(CLOSE TO NOTHING) AND COMPARE ONE WITH MENTIONED AMOUNT OF MONEY YOU POSTED YOU ARE WORTH IN 2022 AND THEN AS I STATED USE YOUR "WEALTHY BEYOND YOUR RICHES" ISSUE(YOUR TAXPAYERS) TO GET THE REST OF WHAT IS MINE UNLESS BRITISH DECIDE WANT REAL KING. Anyways, Charles claimed all he wanted was room above barber it won't be such a problem.

Bob Beee and his family were involved(entire city not onyl neighbors) in my case

His sister Marry(he lived with his father and mother, but sister lived apart with perhaps father's second wife) never married me, but its okay. I recuperated myself from loss somehow. After she completed university(I think in 2010), she came to visit to Novo mesto, but faced protest here because they are Dutch. Things parallel to my problems did not go well as I was forcefully hospitalized in 2012 and parallel to all conspiracies I begun to foster my share of problems in this world...things turned for even worse once family got

WAR ON UKRAINE IS WAR ON CHILDREN(on their lives and mental health): Ukraine latest: War has killed 136 children, says Ukraine prosecutor's office

Ukraine latest: War has killed 136 children, says Ukraine prosecutor's office

Russia hints at narrowing of war's scope to Donbas; 300 seen killed in Mariupol theater strike


Mexico indeed became over the course of two decades main Americas's pit for Russian terrorist activities in USA - Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador met Vladimir Putin in this house in Novo mesto city along others for o less than 25 years whenever one got chance

 I stated before official account release about who was congregating in here and since when...Mexico next to Cuba is epicenter of KGB activities on US and Canada. Because of seen here, I got in severe fights with him and some(not all as many liked me) other Mexican politicians. Next to Andrés' facial and physical somewhat appearance that reminds of Milan Kučan and his political views(often times was enough for me to see you next to Putin and smiling), I quickly draw war line with one. Something similar to Brazilian president Balsonaro who reminded on Borut Pahor, but who learned about what went on in Slovenia and have each time took time whenever brought to Brazil for me to acclimate myself on one...Balsonaro to my knowledge, however, was/is not related to Russians in any way...10.000 death threats in Slovenia alone. You get it !!???? They tortured ALWAYS to unconscious till I no longer would even WANT to discern between faces(wouldn't even recognize people any longer) and begun to generalize placing all in same basket(rejecting everyone)...this was the point of "MK Ultra" if you want to call physical torture so severe as such. LJUBLJANA POLJE PSYCHIATRIC INSTITUTION HAS SOME EXPLAINING TO DO NEXT TO BARAK OBAMA...

Friday, March 25, 2022

Here is the man whom London and Canada(royals) insisted me have to bent inftoont of one for the cost of commision from oil trade between ex Soviet republics and West - his name is Viktor Zolotov

He presented me DRUGGED UP with condition in-front of royals and Putin's delegation on how yet all has to be decided about my making any money via my espionage against Ukraine and support for Russia during Russian invasion itself 

KISS MY ASS ABOUT "WRONG" - This American involved in MK Ultra made money out of Andrew after it already marriage was arraigned between the two BUT PRINCE ANDREW HAD PEOPLE STEP IN BETWEEN AND STOP ONE VIA BRIBE TO WHAT WOULD BE OTHERWISE NEW GROOM OF FERGIE

Up to-date Fergie didn't even know, she won her escapade to USA - she did won in reality, but lost to loser prince Andrew who had enough cash handy to bribe her new flunded "American hope"...year was 2001. I was wrong about nothing and loser once always remains a loser - even under my comment on youtube....

ITS A LIE BETWEEN PUTIN AND WEST - AS INSTRUCTED BY THE WEST: Russian soldiers ran over their commander(DREAM ON - NO RUSSIAN GENERAL NO COMMANDER WERE KILLED - EVER), apparently blaming him for heavy losses in Ukraine, Western official says


Its foremost a psychological warfare ON UKRAINE - PLAYED BY RUSSIA AND WEST. Similarly speculation news(confirmed by Russian state) about death of Russian Russian Lieutenant General Valery Asapov surfaced who apparently was killed in Syria - Putin

ITS A WAR ON CIVILIANS/HOMES JUST AS THE CASE WAS IN SYRIA: Russia goes on with sloughter of Ukrainian civilians



Russia-Ukraine war: UN reports at least 1,000 civilians dead so far; Russian commander killed by own troops, says west – latest 

Fri 25 Mar 2022