Thursday, March 17, 2022

Slovenian police officers who insisted were providing police protection for me

Also gestured on how real reason behind cancer game is to cause me as much harm as possible so their work would be as easy as possible in the future...

@Slovenian police - don't find yourself into my hands on my whereabouts...I can hardly sustain myself from visiting as was brainwashed under MK Ultra to do after I gather enough proofs your police director of police in Novo mesto at the police were and in my eyes you will remain THE MAIN threat. The root of all my problems in Slovenia and abroad.

I keep meeting Serbian chetniks involved in MK Ultra wherever I go - even truck drivers involved in war in Croatia/Bosnia check with me during my walk due to police stalking...

 MAKE A BIG DETOUR WHEN YOU SEE ME FOR YOUR OWN GOOD(YOUR OWN WELL BEING). I DON'T like you - don't need and reject any of your "protection".

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