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Russian terrorist lunatic and his crew massacring("de-nazifying" Ukraine and her half Jewish president) warns from the White Sea with nuclear bombs according to one pointed straight into London

I don't think even Hitler and/or Stalin were as insane, but he has Kremlin support behind his threat against entire world - and to be honest its really hard when nazis hide everywhere and there is only one country that can and will save entire world(even against will of the world) from evil. Its not about Putin, Medvedev, Lavrov, Shoigu alone... 

It appears(according to lunatic from Moscow) Ukrainians have with support of USA also released Coronavirus and other diseases - you see, it was Ukraine which unleashed COVID19 on world...but wait cause thats not all, after the threats against world and captured deadly bio labs in Ukraine where Ukrainians and USA developed all sorts of diseases, reasonable Putin called Turkish president Erdogan to "explain" one his demands...
No actual view on how Putin's super weapon works was unfortunately available as any rockets launched perform all the same at the beginning stages, but there was a computer simulation available for "you to see" how secret weapon "CRKNI"(in Slovenian) performs ...

@Vladimir Putin since this probably will be few of his last words in this world - good bye and good luck in your next life idiot.

A Russian weapon that DELETES London in minutes: see how it works

The rocket can be detected only when it hits the target.
Photo: 3M-22 Zircon.  PHOTO: Youtube, screenshot
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3M-22 Zircon. PHOTO: Youtube, screenshot 

Burdened by sanctions over the invasion of Ukraine, the Russians released a new video of their 3M-22 Zircon supersonic rocket being launched from a warship in the White Sea (Barents Bay, which sinks into the mainland between the Kola and Kanin peninsulas in Russia's far northwest). As early as February 20, 2020, Vladimir Putin announced that zircon would fly nine times faster than sound, and the footage that has now appeared was apparently made in December last year. The range of the projectile is about 1,045 kilometers, but the commander of the frigate, Captain Igor Krokhmal , claims that he can hit targets at a distance of up to 1,500 kilometers, writes 

How It Works?

Zircon is a two-stage rocket. When launched, it was supposed to be accelerated to supersonic speed by a solid propellant thruster, and hypersonic speed was supposed to be achieved with a supersonic combustion propellant tube of decilin. Its body is aerodynamic in shape to create buoyancy, the wings only serve to steer towards the target. If zircon flies 11,000 kilometers per hour, then it has a speed of 183 kilometers per minute.

Powerful American SPY-1 radar, carried by the Ticonderoga-class missile cruisers and part of the Aegis anti-aircraft / anti-missile system, detects the attacker's targets at a distance of 300 kilometers. This means that the ship's crew would only have two minutes to detect and destroy the zircon. Aegis interceptor missiles take eight to ten seconds from target detection to launch, but in those ten seconds the zircon has already moved 29 kilometers. Aegis are not fast enough. Aegis radar could theoretically detect a rocket in time, but in practice this is not possible due to the laws of physics. Due to the extremely high pressure created by the zircon nose by piercing the air at such a high speed, the air in front of the rocket is ionized, so the zircon flies in a so-called plasma cloud and remains invisible.

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What is zircon actually for?

A Russian military television station has exposed Western land targets. In doing so, they directly mentioned London, in Russian mafia jargon Londongrad, where the huge capital of Russian oligarchs and mobsters is currently blocked under sanctions. Zircon is originally a naval, anti-ship weapon. The United States has 20 aircraft carriers and the Russians one. It departs from the port with the help of a tug, so as not to accidentally break the drive machine or rudder. This disparity has long been a thorn in Putin's side, especially since the United States is building its doctrine on the power of aircraft carriers.

Zircon can otherwise be fired from land and sea. The Russians currently have 12 active Bujan frigates operating since 2006. The portal estimates that each of these ships could carry 25 zircons, and only six would be enough to turn even the largest American aircraft carrier into a future diving attraction. .

Putin spoke out: he addressed these sinister words to Ukraine and the West

According to the Russian president, biological weapons have been developed in Ukraine with the support of the USA, and experiments with coronaviruses, anthrax, cholera and other dangerous diseases have been carried out.
Photo: Vladimir Putin compared the West's attitude to Russia to the pogroms.  PHOTO: Via Satellite, Reuters
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Vladimir Putin compared the West's attitude to Russia to pogroms. PHOTO: Via Satellite, Reuters 

Russian President Vladimir Putin today assessed that the Russian military operation in Ukraine is proceeding successfully and in accordance with plans. Addressing a televised government session, he also said Russia had no intention of occupying Ukraine. Putin compared the West's attitude to Russia to pogroms.

He said they had thwarted plans by the Ukrainian authorities, which he said intended to start a war, and encouraged them to do so in the West.

He compared the attitude of the West, which imposed a number of sanctions against Russia, to pogroms. “The masks of decency in the West have fallen and he has started behaving disgustingly. There are parallels with anti-Semitic pogroms, "he said.

He asserted that they would not occupy Ukraine

"The presence of Russian forces near Kiev and other cities in Ukraine is not connected with the intention to occupy the country. We do not have that goal, "he said. He added, however, that they would not allow Ukraine to become a springboard for aggressive actions against Russia.

According to Putin, with the support of the United States, Ukraine has developed biological weapons and conducted experiments with coronaviruses, anthrax, cholera and other dangerous diseases. Ukraine, he said, was also close to developing nuclear weapons to attack Russia.

Biden: Putin is a war criminal

US President Joe Biden  today described Russian President Vladimir Putin as a war criminal. During the White House event, he answered in the affirmative to a reporter's question about whether Putin is a war criminal because of the attack on Ukraine and what the Russian military is doing there. The U.S. is committed to punishing war criminals around the world, sometimes even its own citizens. According to political analysts, normalization of relations with Putin will not be possible, at least during Bidn's government.

Putin revealed his demands in a phone call to Erdogan

Turkey is establishing itself as a mediator between Russia and Ukraine. See what Putin would be happy with.
Photo: Vladimir Putin.  PHOTO: Sputnik, Via Reuters
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Vladimir Putin. PHOTO: Sputnik, Via Reuters

According to the British BBC , on Thursday evening, Russian President Vladimir Putin called Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan by phone and explained to him exactly what he demanded in order to establish peace in Ukraine. A spokesman for Turkish President Ibahim Kalin , who listened to the conversation, told a BBC reporter that Russia's demands could be divided into two categories. 

The requirements of the first category are not difficult to meet, the main one being that Ukraine accepts neutrality and refuses to join NATO. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has, so to speak, agreed to this. Russia also demands the disarmament of Ukraine in the sense that it will not pose a threat to Russia, and the protection of the Russian language in Ukraine. Then there is the so-called denazification, which is the most insulting demand for Zelensky, as he is a Jew himself and some of his relatives were killed during the Holocaust. The Turkish side believes that Zelensky could accept this as well, as it might be enough for Ukraine to condemn all forms of neo-Nazism and promise to take a tough stance against them.

The second category includes Crimea and Donbass

The second group of requirements is the one that will be more difficult to resolve. Putin said a live meeting between Putin and Zelensky would be needed to reach an agreement on these. The Ukrainian president has already agreed to such negotiations. Kalin was much less detailed in describing this category of requirements, saying only that they would include the status of Donbass and the status of the Crimean peninsula...



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