Saturday, March 26, 2022

I regret Chinese position on Ukraine because I like Chinese people

Xi Jinping dreamed in my face in-front of map in China(he then upon return from China had others repeat me same in Novo mesto and he alone repeated me same during his visit in this very house as well) how one would fire intercontinental nuclear missile into eastern Europe if necessary(if I wouldn't see China in respect to Ukraine with rope over my eyes), but I will tell you today not a single missile launched from China will ever get anywhere with what modern technology offers...I do so because again - I like you Chinese people.

But you know better and so go ahead with your politics...I will pray for you.

Chinese are ancient unique Asian culture/traders(paper money and pasta inventors) without whom world will never ever be the same - this whole thing in respect to Ukraine as they alone very well know a totally unnecessary absurd 

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