Thursday, March 17, 2022

There was talk(perhaps the most serious insult to me during so called MK Ultra) that British Buckingham palace will pay for my police protection to Kučan/Pahor

British Buckingham palace turned whole world against me - ruined me American and Slovenian citizenship/ruined life and health. They never paid and never ever will pay for any of my security.

If Slovenian, Polish, and Czech criminals collected money through "police protection" through Buckingham palace with whom Buckingham palace arraigned crime against me as is all there ever was, "financial losses for Buckingham palace" never ever were or will be part of my problem(conscious).
 This Buckingham palace's "police protection" brainwash under so called "MK Ultra" if anything was call for my assassination(with or without police protection as the one I received, outcome is the same).

There will never ever be any gratitude from this end for all the crime against me for which, however, Ogulin and Olaj both claimed me how I will forgive both their share of crime(Slovenian parliamentarians alone from what I heard drugged up couldn't but wonder where in the hell did Slovenian police managed to trace so many criminals from Balkans and bring them straight to my yard infrot of the house in Novo mesto from where I was distributed and brought back) due to international recognition and health issues will remain for me just a scars on my way to accomplish something great...great is what two criminals claimed me all humans strive in their lives.

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