Thursday, March 31, 2022

It gets better(low pressure difficult to tolerate, but okay when compared to rest - 25% of time), gets mid bad(middle bad pressure that bothers69% of time) and near death experience(you can feel in head as if your capillaries of the brain in rear will explode - 1%)

 How the f**** you come home without any sound at all in great health for second day on the row that just doesn't happen at all since 2018(perhaps 5% of time, but lately I managed to accomplish stated on several occasions already) and you go withing three hours of sleep into near death experience(1%) as was case AGAIN last night for which I don't even understand why the hell one of the capillaries of the brain didn't explode already...HOW !!???? 

I worked hard to improve clean my blood on my own, but where if not in the grave from here !!???? Well, it wasn't only last night like this - I get punished like this each time I accomplish normal health status pressure wise...drinking no coffee, consuming zero salt, a spoon two of sugar per day with white cacao and thats about it trying to quit even as stated - till equilibrium gets pushed over the edge and I end-up with with stress and pain as explained was last night(either via poisoning or directed energy attack - consumed nothing before sleep last night). At the same time Britons from Londonia in 2020(hijacked from Lodz hostel) claimed how we will me one more time via MK Ultra etc...

As far as gas poisoning - it was directed energy weapons they used not gas poisoning, and sticks to push into holes to make noise to push forward lies about gas poisoning... gas poisoning leaves traces, they are extremely cautions to leave NONE behind.

As far as Tyson/Johnson etc I quote them, "you will want to be fit like us and its what will kill you" <== Hollywood voted and knows what this "game" is all about - I do too now despite fake medical test results and/or avoiding medical tests needed to find out what goes on.

Eventually you can prove person one ate poorly by hitting one with directed energy weapon - as no one could even prove as far as yesterday anything was wrong with my blood as was clean as one could be(elevated myself to about 1000 meters high crossed some 40 kilometers with zero vain problems on legs or any problem whatsoever, but my head almost got blown up 3 hours after sleep - to wake up dizzy not only with head bitten up).

Going from top 5% heath wise to 1% near death experience as case was tonight(nothing in between) is a classic murder. 



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