Sunday, March 27, 2022

No LOL, Zelensky is 100% not a nazi - Zelensky was actually obsessed with me to degree he would quit being even Ukrainian before defending one due to my support for Ukraine till he learned what truly went on...

His father - used to serve in Soviet military from what I can recall whenever brought to his home by Zelensky and also was against me(BOTH CAMPAIGNED FOR RUSSIA TILL IT BECAME CLEARLY EVIDENT THAT PUTIN WAS/IS A MADMAN) - otherwise extremely giving father probably still wouldn't like me today, but I like him😅 anyways...this is a classic post Soviet Ukrainian family for which I will tell you in case of conspiracy theories involving Zelensky as far as nazism is a total paranoia and foremost a lie...Zelensky also has a brother who declared life time vendetta on me for above stated reasons😀😁😅 not that I would be afraid of one or worry about one, but since its about something that isn't truth I had to give my input...regular Russian DISINFO !!!



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