Friday, March 18, 2022

Matjaz Berger (Ultra violent cousin from Ljubjana from my Berger neighbors) tortured for over 24 years - physically and mentally claimed will not place me on his platforms, but that I will place him

Used for specific torture from 1999 to 2017 - two actors were used for torture in the name of coming movie about Kocbek as seen bellow - these photos were taken upon my return from Poland all over bus stops in Novo mesto city. These individuals would have me stand up on feet for hours infront of their faces during

which they stared at me and engaged in violence at times. I was told about coming movie during this period for which Berger alone anticipated its ratings will climb up on this news site - on every bus stop for over two can learn all about Mr. Kocbek from, and here seen is a perfect example of criminal post WWII mind which attempted to abuse national character related to national WWII resistance with idea to push me into hatred issues through his crime...Matjaž Berger is a personal representative of Milan Kučan and Borut Pahor...their private film lackey.


Berger's conscious didn't question truth, but instead promoted division between Slovenian people. His conscious promoted tyranny used to deprive Slovenian from the right to his nationality and foremost equality / the right to existence in what should have been his own independent state on behalf of foreign Belgrade/ Moscow views and whoever committed itself to destruction of our nation through use of worst crime techniques. 

Bergers will remain beasts in my eyes - not neighbors....

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