Friday, March 25, 2022

Here is the man whom London and Canada(royals) insisted me have to bent inftoont of one for the cost of commision from oil trade between ex Soviet republics and West - his name is Viktor Zolotov

He presented me DRUGGED UP with condition in-front of royals and Putin's delegation on how yet all has to be decided about my making any money via my espionage against Ukraine and support for Russia during Russian invasion itself 

Putin insisted me that Viktor Zolotov(involved since 1995 - always was one of the Putuin's personal henchmen) will be en-charged about my activities and will log them - subtract good I did and bad for "Russia".
Had me parade all over Moscow suburbs and even in city center inciting Russians in war... I will find some photos to demonstrate where too.

Year sure enough was 2017(just prior to departure to Belarus) when princess Anne wanted from me a verbal confirmation that I do want Russian war with Ukraine, but espionage without my UNDERSTANDING KNOWING WHAT WENT ON WHENEVER TRANSFERRED ON/TO MISSIONS FROM LONDON TO UKRAINE was probably since even 2005 or even earlier time...not little, BUT NOTHING I KNEW ABOUT WHAT WENT ON AND NOBODY COULD UNDERSTAND EITHER(IS WHAT THEY CLAIMED SINCE MY REAL TIME PERSONALITY WAS DIFFERENT FROM MK ULTRA)...

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