Thursday, March 31, 2022

PERHAPS EVEN THIS WEEK(6 months max - China in search for bloodshed): She was here in Novo mesto city and planned on taking Taiwan with her - create public outrage, however, appears not so alone(boss of Taiwan corrections was involved and so were many other officials)


 I have seen alot, but feel there is still a lot I have no clue about in respect to Taiwan. I do like to praise

Taiwanese self determination and acknowledge these people as traitors to Taiwan, but we still don't know how whole thing will play out in case of war conflict. When brought to Taiwan, these people were acknowledged as traitors, but why have they remained withing system for so long and why stunts like this !!???? Taiwan appears to have no nuclear defense in place - not known in media. Stunts like this are used as war invitation what I was told case will be...we are perhaps just days apart from war if its to
believe top Chinese leadership who insisted me stated here under so called "MK Ultra".

Images of shackled Taiwanese official kneeling before her father’s coffin spark public backlash

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Images of a Taiwanese official attending her father’s funeral while bound in shackles have drawn public backlash in Taiwan.

Chiayi City Councilor Tai Ning (戴寧), who is suspected of embezzling over 5 million New Taiwan dollars (approximately $174,500) in pay meant for city employees, is accused of listing relatives as staff members and pocketing their wages since 2012.

Ning has been in pre-trial incommunicado detention since mid-March. She filed a request to be freed on bail after her father, former Chiayi City Councilor Tai Chien-shan (戴建三), died on March 20.

The official wanted to attend her father’s funeral as she had not seen her father again before he passed. When her request was denied by the Chiayi District Court, Ning then applied to attend the funeral pursuant to Article 23 of the Detention Act with the Chiayi Detention Center.

On Wednesday, she was permitted to attend the funeral but was kept in handcuffs and leg shackles during her brief visit to the memorial hall.

Photos of Ning kneeling in front of her father’s coffin while restrained soon emerged in media reports, sparking immediate public outrage. Taiwanese netizens have accused local authorities of being inhumane to the grieving official.

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Lawmaker Chen Ming-wen (陳明文) called out the Agency of Corrections for heavily restraining a detainee not yet convicted of any crime. The veteran legislator noted that the decision to do so goes against Taiwanese customs and reveals the red tape within the agency.

The Chiayi Detention Center has responded to the backlash by saying that requiring the councilor to wear handcuffs and leg shackles at the funeral was lawful. It noted, however, that a different approach may be considered in the future depending on individual cases.



Hunter Biden was paid millions by Chinese state-linked energy firm, Washington Post report finds

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Hunter Biden MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

A Washington Post report published Wednesday shed new light on Hunter Biden's dealings with a Chinese energy firm and confirmed several details found on the hard drive of a laptop he allegedly abandoned in a Delaware repair shop.

CEFC China Energy, which has close ties to the Chinese Communist Party and People's Liberation Army, paid entities controlled by the then-cash-strapped Hunter Biden or his uncle James Biden $4.8 million over the course of 14 months beginning in 2017, according to The Washington Post.

The New York Post began publishing stories based on information found on the laptop hard drive in September 2020. Due to concerns about the laptop's provenance and warnings from current and former intelligence officials that the laptop might be a Russian disinformation operation, social media sites suppressed the story until after the election.

Now, the New York Post is arguing that social media users' inability to share the Hunter Biden laptop story "helped swing the election to Biden."

Earlier this month, The New York Times reported that emails recovered from the laptop had been "authenticated." Wednesday's Washington Post report adds further weight to that authentication.

The Hunter Biden story may not have propelled former President Donald Trump to victory in 2020, but he's hoping it might help him win in 2024. In an interview broadcast Tuesday, Trump said Russian President Vladimir Putin "should release" any dirt he has on Hunter Biden and that Putin would probably "be willing" to provide it, since he's currently "not exactly a fan of our country."

Hunter Biden remains under federal tax investigation by a grand jury. According to The Washington Post, the investigation once sought to determine whether "he failed to account for income from China-related deals," though "it is unclear whether that is still a focus.

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