Friday, March 18, 2022

Slovenian police never bothered to respond to any of my requests I have made at local police station in Novo mesto

 Not even concerning physical assault on me which involved local Serbian and his family members - heavily involved in MK Ultra per Aleksandar Vućić and Milorad Dodik directly. 

They run agenda of their own. When police held me captive drugged up, they brainwashed on ambulance vehicles with family members in case I would appear at police station...thats all.

My sister was the one who also used her dog against me as an attack dog when I was drugged up...what Americans realizing error begun to brainwash as told too by Buckingham palace that is was the dog breed guilty and how schnauzers are just overly protective, however, was not protective but was trained instead to attack because of what sister would lock one inside of the car during was so insane on sight of me, however, that one chew car interior of the car to degree her son in law had to replace part of one...funny that she claimed me few months ago how there was an individual with pit-bull who intimidated her during dog hiking and is the reason she no longer would have dogs...

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