Saturday, March 26, 2022

@Queen Elisabeth

 Perhaps its just that your grand-kids(perhaps even your kids who knows) wanted to rob you - I admit to have no clue since you were so sincere the other day, but you are wealthy beyond your riches - that I guarantee you as was you and your members WHO BLOCKED foreign investors to approach me in real time(far wealthier than 88 billion so you could use me for your own leverage in world of connections...I WILL CONSIDER THE AMMOUNT OF MONEY YOU WERE WORTH BEFORE 1995(CLOSE TO NOTHING) AND COMPARE ONE WITH MENTIONED AMOUNT OF MONEY YOU POSTED YOU ARE WORTH IN 2022 AND THEN AS I STATED USE YOUR "WEALTHY BEYOND YOUR RICHES" ISSUE(YOUR TAXPAYERS) TO GET THE REST OF WHAT IS MINE UNLESS BRITISH DECIDE WANT REAL KING. Anyways, Charles claimed all he wanted was room above barber it won't be such a problem.

Yes, there is a difference between someone and somebody as Harry mentioned...

 Never looked a plate of food and thought...
Hmmmmm..... you see what I mean...the cake, you cut one perfectly ...even number of views(NOT ONLY INCOME) of my youtube/daily motions and other channels were blocked - stealing from me more than, you have to admit, thats personal.

I would eat cake and podding AGAIN AND AGAIN, but
I wouldn't turn you my back.


NO !
And what was that written white/green on pudding ?

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