Monday, March 21, 2022

Even Russian Zircon missile threat on London was coordinated with London


Chicken shit - what is it(example - when they utterly have due to national disgrace THEY created to themselves and its how they wold refer me as in Slovenia after I repeatedly demanded from epople whenever hijacked from USA to Slovenia for Slovenian military to arrest police which in accordance with Ljubljana politicians KNOWINGLY violated code of law and engaged in crime against law, cancelled otherwise obligatory draft service in tiny country so blame for crime against me would be shared/collateral with every Slovenian citizens' duty to serve and protect national integrity - like in Poland, Slovakia, Czech rep.etc. Slovenia too believes we will play based on amount of crime against me game known as IDENTIFY ME THROUGH BLAME AND SHAME CANCER SPINE PAIN - now that is what you call chicken shit - because next to astronomical damage caused to me, its more convenient than to confess to crime for chicken shit to pretend ignorant know nothing and steal more time)

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