Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Slovenian elections in 2022 are totally FAKE - desperate Slovenian politicians figured out already in 2013/2015 will have a problem bringing people to election poles once my case cones out on a brought daylight

Several days ago and just as was brainwashed case will be, there was obsession game played out about coming elections at local administration unit of Novo mesto where I headed to suspend its registration till one is repaired - the thing is, elections are on April 24th - still more than month to go till elections and Slovenian government is trying to realize for the first time in existence of Slovenia(the biggest proponent always was Milan Kučan - Borut Pahor as both daydreamed about ability to have voting done in a way that would deprive Slovenian voters from the right to cast real votes) so called "e-elections" by "casting votes" from comfort of home for which nobody would really knew who voted what and if one voted on first place...in 2018, barely half of voters voted https://sl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dr%C5%BEavnozborske_volitve_v_Sloveniji_2018 

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