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INSIDE OF THE MENTALLY ILL RUSSIAN ZZ MEIN KAMPF PROPAGANDA PAPER(the oldest Russian news outlet): Ukraine is illegitimate as a state. It has been since 2014

 And Russia will annihilate and besiege Ukrainian cities and Zelensky will surrender any moment lalala...there is only missing in title how Ukrainians as nation never ever existed and Sieg Heil salutation...Russian Holodomor of Ukrainians  meets or even exceeds Holocaust issues(favorite Ukrainian destination next to Jews - state of Israel). and since two share so much common(including genetic - DNA) it is hard for me to understand Israeli's approach toward Ukrainian issue of today...

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Ukraine is illegitimate as a state. It has been since 2014

Russia put forward a new ultimatum to Kiev. Russia wants Ukraine to sign a new package of agreements to replace the now defunct Minsk Accords. Russia wants Ukraine to renounce all claims to the Crimea and the independent republics of Donetsk and Luhansk.

Russia put forward a new ultimatum to Kiev, Telegram-channel Legitimate reports. Volodymyr Zelensky was given 12 hours to make a decision, after which Russia will kick off the second phase of the military campaign with the use of military aircraft and warships, the channel said.

Putin voiced the first ultimatum on February 23, when he said that in order for Moscow and Kiev to negotiate peace, Ukraine will need to:

  • conduct demilitarization,
  • refuse to join NATO,
  • hold direct negotiations with the DPR and LPR.

The second ultimatum came from the head of the Donetsk People's Republic Denis Pushilin, who demanded the peaceful liberation of the territory of the republic to its administrative borders. However,'s Kiev's Bandera regime refused to fulfill all of Russia's conditions, and Putin was forced to launch a military operation to coerce Ukraine to peace.

Ukraine's Bandera regime on the brink of destruction

By the afternoon of February 24, the Russian troops had reached the left bank of the Dnieper River and approached the suburbs of Kiev. Ukraine has lost its air force, air defense and navy, as well as major civilian airports. The authorities are demoralized, it is only radicals in the Donbass that resist, which was expected.

Sergei Kuyun, the head of the A-95 consulting group, told Strana that there were no supplies of diesel fuel coming to Ukraine either from Russia or Belarus anymore. Ukraine's diesel fuel reserves will be enough for about a month, but they may run out completely a lot earlier, given the panic and feverish demand. It is not ruled out that Ukraine will soon experience food shortages that will bring the end of the regime even closer.

Russia will never fight on its own territory again — this is the main message of Vladimir Putin's speech that he delivered announcing the start of the military special operation.

Russia still ready for dialogue, despite war

"Russia will always be ready for dialogue that will bring everyone back to justice and the principles of the UN Charter," Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a meeting with his Pakistani counterpart Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

The Russian Federation is ready for a new Yalta conference — Putin will not talk to comedian Zelensky.

Ukrainian regime has been illegal since 2014

The Minsk Accords were created to give Ukraine a chance to become a civilised state. The Ukrainian authorities should have changed its Constitution immediately after the illegal Maidan coup in 2014. All political forces in all regions of Ukraine should have sent their representatives to Kiev to elaborate amendments to the Ukrainian Constitution. However, Ukraine chose to pretend that there was no coup at all, that all those people, who had been killed in the streets of Kiev and burned alive in the House of Trade Union in Odessa, did not even exist. No one has ever been punished for those bloody crimes. Yet, Ukraine refused to claim responsibility for all those deaths.

Ukraine's President Victor Yanukovych was toppled in an illegal coup. This suggests that everything that has been happening in Ukraine up until this moment is illegitimate. However, the Ukrainians considered their new regime legitimate enough.

Nevertheless, both the Donetsk People's Republic, and the Luhansk People's Republic refused to obey the new illegitimate regime in Ukraine. It just so happened that a big part of the state chose not to obey its laws. They took up arms to defend their sovereignty.

Ukrainian stars call for peace altogether. They didn't 8 years ago

After Putin announced the military operation to demilitarise Ukraine, Russian social media exploded. Many public figures, including many famous people of Ukrainian origin, who live and work in Russia, started calling for nothing but peace.

"Please stop this war!! Ukraine wants peace, we all want peace!!" many wrote on Instagram, Facebook, etc.

For example, Ukrainian pop singer Svetlana Loboda, who performs a lot in Russia, wrote on Instagram:

"My heart is breaking! I am in contact with my loved ones in Ukraine since 5 in the morning. How can all this be possible?! Dear God, stop all this! In tears."

However, one may come across comments from supporters of the DPR and LPR, who wrote messages like this one:

  • "Our hearts were breaking when Ukraine was bombing the Donbass, killing civilians! Where were you, dear Svetlana, when your Ukraine was bombing Donetsk and Luhansk? Why were you and all others like you silent for eight years when Ukraine was bombing the Donbass? Were you in tears for the people of the Donbass when Ukrainian military men were killing children there? Why didn't you call for peace before? You should have been in tears since 2014!"
  • "It's so sad that a county like Ukraine has succumbed to the USA and sold itself as a power completely. The clown that you have in power today is a US puppet," a user wrote in the comments to Loboda's post.

Another Ukrainian star, TV host Zhanna Badoyeva (Badoyeva is known for her travel shows, in which she describes how common people live in different countries of the world), who also works in Russia a lot, wrote:

"The most terrible morning of February 24, 2022. Fear and horror."

And people commented:

  • "We are in Donetsk, and we feel fear and horror for eight years. Why didn't you say anything before?"
  • "You haven't been to the Donbass. You would be living in fear and horror for eight years, like we are living here now!"
  • "There was fear and horror in Odessa, where common people were burned alive, and no one was punished for that! Unsub!"
  • "Why didn't you go to Donbass to show how people live there??? Did you forget about the Donbass or were you scared to go there to film your TV show?"
  • "When eight years ago Donetsk did not support the coup in Kiev, when Yanukovych fled, and Turchinov sent troops to Donetsk, everybody in Ukraine were yelling in unison: "Separatists!" We have been living in the DPR for eight years now and still nobody cares. No one from Ukraine regretted it and no one took the side of Donetsk. Our children know what bomb explosions are, how shells sound when they arrive, and how heavy weapons sound when they fire. None of the famous people had called for peace back then. Now everyone remembered suddenly that we are a nation, that we will win the territories back. You only think about territories, but do you think about the people who live on those territories? I have no joy from the decisions made in the Russian Federation, because I no longer want to run, hide and listen to the sound of bombs and shells. I did not vote for anyone in Ukraine, in the DPR, in the Russian Federation, but there is war in my city!"

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