Tuesday, March 22, 2022

British royals who imported to Britain or have trained for wealth own poeple offered those opportunitoes in 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 FOREMOST IN METAL TRADE industry of which Canadians(royal connection) I think were specialised in still or whatever

They did business with India and so on and so forth...they were not anywhere even as near as large as they become through my case...after WWII, royals were moralist stripped of everything by British government due to collaboration with Hitler according to queen Elizabeth alone(Canadian royals lifted them from knees after WWII to even operate in world of $$$)...oil and all that came at latter stage THROUGH ME, AND SO DID British government begun to refund them also their privileges because of competence I displayed abroad but they credit themself with one...anyhow, all I inherited from withing were problems from these people - weight of their share of problems $$$$ to this world on my own shoulders and all the b.s. they carried along in their mischievous heads...nothing more.They never liked me https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2022/03/part-1-of-2-so-called-cancer-of-mine-is.html, and I have no reason to thank them for crime against me.
https://video.fc2.com/content/20220323JF9xsSbK or https://youtu.be/X5qFZp9dpTg

The thing about me is such that once I don't like you(it takes a whole a lots of abuse for me not to like someone if I felt I had special relationship with as were in this case also royals I blindly believed in), chances are slender for me to go back...I do not wish to be next to or deal with anyone who hates me... or for whom I feel hated(feel one hates me)...

That stinking coin already is floating on the bottom of the in river Krka...same as their owners in my mind.

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