Sunday, March 27, 2022

Why did Daniel Rex Smith(American psychologist) asked for so many insane EXTREME scenarios to be used in my case for me to obtain hard proofs about so called "MK Ultra" case is clear to me - but it was not for me as he claimed over and over

Caused me far more damage than good, but did have psychological effect on politicians who surrounded me along their negotiations and negotiators - it did pushed them toward criminally distorted views. Arguments he was making to them through my case destroyed their ability to view reality as reality and act according to one 

What started in 1995/1996 with my observing drugged up Smith on how random individual along the walk would push him or even land him a slap on what one would disappear(thats how he teached me what he referred to as "tolerance") turned into some other stuff...while his scenarios never ended with exchange of force infront of me right there and right then during incidents, however, one always had people who acted reported back to us on how others got them and were sorry for causing harm - accented me imporatnce of complaining rather than taking actions in my own hands...something I never ever settled for and drugged up as I was even offered to Smith to undue him harm by hurting individuals myself for whom I knew VERY WELL he was the one bullying me all along I stated, I yet have to learn who this invisible man truly was and is.

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