Monday, March 28, 2022

Dutch Bob Bee and his family received good amounts of money for traveling as well as goodies in return for abuse/beatings - simply torture(travel and torture not only in gaden behind house with neighbors)

For trip to Australia in 2013 lured $3000(all from Buckingham palace) and same was with other locations where they involved locals against me...eventfully Bob Bee got married to Hong Kong lady(now Chinese - both knew about Hing Kong going in hands of China a decade ahead of Chinese takeover isn't that interesting as was heated debate that went on in our Novo mesto house also about that issue) from what I was told temporary - to have excuse for crime against me 

His youtube account is monitored and approved by no other than Dutch King who dedicated one to this very case with "could be like this or like that"...

@Joe, Xi Jinping(regular Chinese fascist), Putin, Berlin, and specially DUTCH KING WILLEM who is in hurry and furry to South Africa and others - not so easy(slow down)...all stated above with comments I even left under his account was video recorded way prior my presenting one the other day on my Website.

Moscow regime change? Biden withdraws from words about Putin

During his visit to Warsaw, Joe Biden stated that Vladimir Putin "cannot remain in power". The statement caused a great stir and was rectified by the White House. US president was asked again on Sunday about his position on this matter.  © Twitter / Chancellery of the President USA President Joe Biden

Biden was asked about his statement from Warsaw on Sunday in Washington. One of the reporters asked him if there should be a regime change in Russia. "No," the President of the United States replied shortly.

Did Biden go too far in Warsaw?

- For God's sake, this man cannot remain in power - said the US President about Vladimir Putin during his visit to Poland on Saturday . His statement echoes widely in the media. It was pointed out that Joe Biden had not taken such a far-reaching position on the Russian dictator before. The American media saw in the words of its president a drastic change in the direction of policy towards the Kremlin.

Biden most likely surprised his closest associates with his statement. On Sunday, the White House referred to the speech delivered in Warsaw, assuring that the president meant that Putin must not be allowed to exercise power over his neighbors or the region. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that Biden wanted to take from Putin the strength needed to wage war.

Joe Biden stated in his Warsaw speech that Putin "chose war" and pushed for it using unfounded arguments regarding the functioning of NATO. - Russia wants to present NATO enlargement as an imperial act. It's not true. It's a defensive alliance. NATO worked for months to convince Russia to talk. We wanted to follow the path of diplomacy, we presented a proposal to increase Europe's security. Putin rejected every proposal, hiding himself with lies. Russia wanted violence from the very beginning, he said.

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