Thursday, April 30, 2020

@Fujitsu ex-coworkers



100% not trying to take away hope from anyone(absolutely not) BUT SURE is becoming the thing  impossible for me to take further seriously people for whose sake I took STRONG STANDS with idea to defend them but aren't willing to stand up even for themselves(don't stand up for me; at least stand up for whomever you claim to care for).

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

ULTIMATE DISRESPECT: Its good genes you idiots. I get 500Zl(equivalent to $500 standard wise) penalty for not wearing mask on street or elsewhere in public and he gets to express direspect(disdain) for your life inside of the hospital

but that doesn't matter. What matters is that many of you knew what coming and you keep silent about it. You also don't protect him, but dare to stand up to regular citizens on streets.

He received his antidote whatever already in 2008 - the latest in 2010 just like Trump did.

Forget about Lodz city - here is how far they have gone to control market in price range

What you see here already was on market in 2010 as a test. I was on both locations. One wouldn't sell the other one who knows and it doesnt matter, but both locations(and is no different with area near Ukraine which also advertised) are here listed to discourage foremost. Nope, I wouldn't touch anything that had to do or has to do with Buckingham palace/Trump. I wanted too, I do leave Poland and go straight to source. 

Finally, what do I need Poland for which already ruined me two passports(25 years of life) to be a middleman(basically slavery brokerage is role Poland assumed in this case) between myself and those who brought me here for torture !!????

The question here is only how much did Duda managed to prepay politicians outside of the Poland(how much crime is awaing on me outside of the Poland on behalf of Polish government hired by Buckingham palace/Washinton DC to cause damage)

Thats all there is to it. Its what Duda/ Kaczynski daydreamed about.

Slovenian rooms for rent in Maribor/Ljubljana from 50Euros per month up(price range for double size of what they rent in Poland is normal at 100Euros in country 4 times high standard as the one in Poland)

Is same in Czech/Slovakia...even in Germany is not hard to find room for 100/150 Euros per month(too bad I wouldn't consider one). Was just on room preview - all I can say is Trump/Buckingham palace seems to have purchased Poland for Fistful of Dollars. 

MKULTRA: Will no longer either accept work or get myself into settings in which Americans/Buckingham palace deeped fingers in it

Stuff as seen here(NO WAY WOULD I CONSIDER THIS LOCATION - ALL ABOUT $$$$ - had nothing and built his entire wealth via this case) angers me and there was a lots of it incl. last hostel(first hostel prior to one in Lodz and residence in Kurak) and this very present location. It doesn't work like this...if I don't get place of my own this time on time, it will be bye bye. My health in a very bad shape and I know when to say enough before it gets way to late. Right now already is too late for me(I shouldn't even be here any longer is how things are according to my estimates).

@Trump/Buckingham palace - you will not deprive me of 25 years of life as you did and then with torture/health deprivation even for the cost of spine and other extremely serious health related issues prove case as real and yourself as helpful. It doesn't work like this. This is a genocide and you are 100 x times worse people than what Stalin was. I have seen all I needed to see. Know all I need to know about you beasts.

@Poland - I stood up for you. Took your side(didn't have too - could cross border and make career out of ethics I was faced with in this country when brought here for torture for no less than 21 years just as Kaczynski/Duda wanted me to do) and if you can't stand up for yourself in case you have forgotten what went on just 70 years ago here, you are worthless(not only threat to yourself, but as such a threat to all) to human kind as such.

What owners of this locations told me is that if you say anything against anyone of them is nothing...if you say anything against Trump/Buckingham palace is nothing...basically if you dare to breath you are dead !!! IF I DID AS TOLD, NOTHING WOULD EVER COME OUT ABOUT ANYTHING. Off course they all had agreement with one another, but some were FAR FAR more in it than others. These "some" attempted to pull those others not as corrupt as they were along with them under the water too as they received hefty payments on the side(most of people were in it to help, but few selected had a different plans - cause as much as possible damage via injuries even for the cost of giving out certain recognition about MK Ultra since one no longer can be disputed case - thus hurting me, others willing to help, and humanity as whole) I write this, lies go on around on how to see matter and what side to take...

Its too late and I know whose side to take myself.

In contrast to FAILED BIG TIME Soviet Union, China reserves the right to smile and to stay open for entire world

 China is aware of biggest mistake USSR have committed itself too and is not repeating one. Will not lock itself - isolate itself from the rest of the world even for the cost of as seen was attack on one from West. 

MKULTRA: added to previous news, second housemaid has been arround for already some 30 years now minimum

I don't know(I have forgotten, but she had another lack maid who worked for her also her entire life) what happened to the first one Mrs. Chirlane McCray(DeBlasio) told me who quitted work due to her own reasons, but as she alone is of black origins and therefore she trusted me when with her and her husband in N.Y. to feel safest with her own person around her. I don't blame her for that matter at all as I do too ;)

MKULTRA: Thank you to New York City Mayor Mr. Bill de Blasio, his wife Chirlane McCray, and beautiful "housemaid" of Chinese origins in the family already for at least 12 years

Perhaps she works as housemaid even for 14 years already. No am not his neighbor and I am didn't get information from anyone. 

GAME OVER BAMBINO:l Lunatic from White House again rages at country 10 x times as strong as United States of America is today


1.5 billion country has majority of its workers fit and ready for work(well educated and ambitious - hungry for work supplying almost entire world with manufacturing as well as with own more and more frequent breaking edge technologies) vs TOTALLY failed United States of America where workforce(only 1/4 of Chinese) for the main part was left behind/ impoverished in the dark - fighting with anywhere from obesity to all sorts of other issues(not only health wise, but foremost broken moral due to scam - ruined public education system as well as all other by corruption eaten government sectors)

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

For mentioned American, even remember what his house in USA looks like

not only what one looked like 14/15 years ago, but what his house looks like in US. Every individual brought back from Poland was heavily scrutinized by US security services. He changed his mind about whacking Trump as was told after calming one down with house...situation so evil that once young Americans boarded planes for US, none ever wanted to know where Poland is located even on the map. 

I will repeat to you all(Have nothing to do with "can you do it for Bobby" and so on)

Several Americans in Lodz contemplated on killing Donald Trump in either 2005, 2006 - prior to their departure back to US. 

Claimed one swindled them into unbearable abuse here in Poland - they did go through 10% I did, but I can understand their point. They became poor like never before and probably never after...dehumanized/abused only God knows what was done to them.

Convulsions Spasms(contractions) via directed energy atacks in the middle of the nights

Nothing funny about what you see on here. Is as painful as hell and takes away from one what otherwise should be a good night rest.

3 of 3 AUDIO Smashed plastic container dish

Smashing food container to someone by removing one from his spot in fridge and removing food from one with idea to destroy one is bad, but that one would spent locked inside one week 24/7 repairing hard drives etc. and something like this would be used to destroy one newly installed operating system makes things much much worse. 

@United Nations

This case, in case you haven't realized, no longer can be refutable in absolutely any way. One way of the other, case went through with too many and not too few proofs as some dreamed about would be possible...If I post each day video with damning proof, I do so at least 1000 times. Whole Lodz area including people and buildings as well as international people/locations from many parts of the world...

Just found the oldest MK Ultra staff member - guy who stayed in Lodz longer than all ohers as most of them went back to US

There you have it...I supposedly never met him heh, but know very well who he is. Its a fine guy for one thing. Not a bad person even that friend with Trumpet. messenger for some details.

Monday, April 27, 2020

I remember her home - I remember one on inside

Too bad she didn't stay for longer around. Was one of the nicest people involved in MK Ultra. Remember what property looks like on outside too.

This MK Ultra case that went on in Poland was controlled 100% by Americans(sorry to use such term, but you owe yourself a piece of honesty in one)

From beginning to the end, Americans(Trumpsters) who dragged me back and forth specially between 1996 to mid 2006 when brought for torture from USA only, have only observed for any possible signs/emotions which would involve locals in case(those got involved for variety of reasons - most because they wanted to help and some for money). These if deemed as appropriate were then assisted assigned certain tasks(TOLD EVEN WHAT THEY ARE ALLOWED TO SAY AND WHAT NOT WHEN WE MEET IN REAL TIME) on which Kaczynski/Duda team(waiters picking orders) followed up to ensure first quality of betrayal service. One situation led into another and strangely enough you see me on here today.

99% of you are good people - some just like myself turned bad when got in touch with Trump/Buckingham palace alike

There is still time to look into yourself. We can still prevent the worst from happening. Its human/normal to make mistakes. What is not normal and its why mistakes grow into total tragedies is to insist on mistakes even for the price of major disasters after already realizing went and what goes on. Where whole thing is heading...


What Coronavirus is to my case

What comes first to mind when identifying scenarios from MK Ultra !!???? Whatever you were brainwashed to see as first is what comes first to your mind - then whatever in addition you were brainwashed and in this case two/three times mentioned in 2017 only that if I mention one, I am done with it because there is agreement with other nations in place...and so specially if person is concerned for other human beings and is honest as is in my case, he will/would predictably do just as I have done. 

MK Ultra is a torture - not a Quiz.

I realized to have major mistake with my thinking. Nature of latest events compelled me to forget few very important here is edited edition of previously posted material. Quite a few events(specially latest) bordered on help/abuse issues and these events went on for quite some time. I believe it had to do with those who set rule for their WHEEL OF FORTUNE GAME. BUCKINGHAM PALACE FOREMOST AND AMERICAN ADMINISTRATION. Those who set rules of the game and begun to seek way out of promises. 


MK Ultra is a torture - not a Quiz.

And yes, I am angry about it all. Thank you from my side yes to those brave enough to have recognized me when subjected to MK Ultra. I also thank to those who invested waste amounts of energy to somehow recognize them as they therefore recognized me as well.

Question for the Polish state since one had "all good intentions for me"

Why did you teached about Coronavirus coming for 10 years and and then in 2017 gestured that if I would mention one I would fail !!???? Why did you brainwashed me for 10 years on one and then changed mind withing one session if you had sincere(your sincerity became a lie since my entering your immigration system as you committed most horrific crime possible - refused to admit ruining me 25 years of life via forced unemployment, psychiatry, brainwash torture) intentions in my case !!???

WHO THAT DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT CORONAVIRUS COMING 10 YEARS(its negotiations started in 2008 to be exact) AHEAD OF TIME !!????

Sunday, April 26, 2020

I am in Grotnikach as writing this and yes is as I have told case will be month ago bad news is here

or two ago...people have Coronavirus. Streets empty. Writing news, I hoped will scare them away, but didn't work I guess...its native of this village that were infected and that means probably elderly people.

Trump dreamed about light, desinfectant whatever killing Coronavirus already 20 years ago

as was tutored by government(he was told solution and modern treatments and he realize if acting stupid and presenting clues to solution will eventually look smart at the end). Sound idiotic because he acts idiotic playing with you on cameras, but will prove you with lies in fact he is "stable genius".

Saturday, April 25, 2020

HATERS GONNA HATE: Song by Croatian Psihomodopop group made specially for me

Was brainwashed under MKutra in 2017 when in Poland to reject mentioned psychologist at all costs also via Croatian Psihomodo Pop group I cite, "Will do this song for you trying to remind you/ wake you up on time, but will probably be too late as you are heading to Poland soon....she is can get not one but many will be exploited destroyed and if you do we will destroy you too" - leader of group shared same view as few Ukrainians who referred to her as pollution/Russian bomb in the middle of Poland/Ukraine...

Old American psychologist involved in MK Ultra lied also about my turning away from nazism when subjected to MK Ultra with what became according to him unecpatable behavior

Few other did same - I was praised for my actions by my neighbors in Novo mesto who rolled laughing. The truth is he and many other lied. Did so to survive in Eastern Europe is what he alone entrusted me with. You people are naive.

@Donald Tusk - explain to me what is this "Polish fanatic"

Related to the free encyclopedia that comes often times with price/cost of lies embedded in one.

If he was so "fanatic", why didn't he join partisans like many others did rather than wearing neonazi uniform as he have done !!?????

I see nothing fanatic about defending own people from neonazi occupation which purpose was Polish population extermination. 

Time in Poland flies fast - to nowhere

Sleep not allowed. Technology to torture used same one as in Grotnikah. Makes veins and muscles stretch like crazy in sleep. Causes severe pain during 5/6 hours long sleep. I cite individual with Canadian American citizenship, "I will spare you by not affecting your head as was told to do as is too horrible to use this anyways" went on blasting in the kitchen till 0330am on what I knocked on individual's door at 0430am - its when one stopped. I am not allowed to stay in he kitchen for other than to prepare food and that shouldn't be even 5 minutes(can leave one to cook, but not stay in there while is cooking and nor am I allowed to eat at the table in the kitchen its how all started). Time flies fast in Poland...before good night sleep, I was trying to use internet via sim card which clerk refused to register in Zabka store(know her since 2013 if not even 2010) - she supposedly did afterwards, but was asking me while registering one via American passport for pesel(Polish ID #) number. I assumed she afterwards did register them as she registered another company's sim card...they thing is she didn't I realized today after wasting no less than 4 additional hours...

Don't be surprised if you see me moving to another city as rent went into zero point nothing. Have done close to nothing and got sleep close to nothing. 


Was told under MK Ultra to not even think about conflict of any kind with Buckingham palace. "Dont even think about it, we cant and will not stay isolated or even without them visiting city is for us already bad enough".

Told by Americans if not talking to one if not accepting whatever offered - I am as good as dead

They repeated bullying from MK Ultra yesterday involving individual who on first sight with mask on closely reminded of William. Then first responders walked bye and ambulance vehicle was parked very near I stated in previous post, lots of Slavic diplomats were very angry with Polish see everything through money attitude.

Not allowed to sleep

Directed energy weapon game and noise in preselected lodging locations by Buckingham palace/CIA were the core of welcome in Poland for which Slovenian diplomats as well as others have stated sees everything through the money. Canadian American Pole blasted tonight TV till 0430 am. Since day A at this location, even painful spasms in legs are present. Was told under MK Ultra case will be.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Dostępny dla firmy, dorosłych, i dzieci. Available for individual adults, children, and companies(group/corporate trainer settings)


Skype: live:auser.bastian

Please feel free to use my expertise(from online language tutoring, translations, customer support etc.) anywhere in the world(China, South America, Africa, and others - I welcome you all :)
 Resume/CV po Polsku Resume in English
Where to meet me(how to employ me):

Via international sites: 

Via international companies:
Work in progress(available tomorrow)

Polish tutoring(English teaching) sites:

Good day to you/Miłego dnia :),
Jestem biegle także w kilku innych językach. Jeśli praca nauczyciela jest niedostępna w tej chwili, możliwość zatrudnienia może być również związana z obsługą klienta, sprzedażą, marketingiem, usługi pisania i nawet tłumaczenia itp.
Dziękuję bardzo :)
Wasz Sebastian
Beside fluency in English language, I have a strong command in several other languages. Jobs such as customer service/ sales/ marketing, writing, translations etc. International environment settings are very welcome.

 With best regards,
Your Sebastian

Thursday, April 23, 2020

@Buckingham palce

There is nothing royal about being criminal. You displayed most criminal conduct possible in this matter alone. Probably also is reason why you must own 50 different main stream media news outlets.

Who cares anyways !!!

Today is 150.000+ dead...soon 2 millions and then 20 mil., 200 millions, and finally two billions - but won't stop there and it matters to me not because its you average visitor who made it all possible !!!

Something to think about

Its 2020. There are such viruses inside of the government labs that can wipe out entire British Island or European or N. American continent within months - far worse than Aids and far worse than Coronavirus. Far worse than any diseases if released into environment humanity have ever seen. Far worse than nuclear arsenal. 

In panic to cover up, Buckingham palace owned media floded front pages of their media with photos of royals hugging ther children etc...

If you don't see it and apply more criminal mechanisms against one, and it will go eventually away(die away) somehow. Principles of people Stalin alike just on more individualistic selective scale and far more prefined via corruption - shadowed crimes...

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Ellen DeGeneres

Related to

Don't have much time, but we stayed several time in her residence upon return to USA. I am talking about William and myself. Prince William...two are great friends and those who know her/him know just that. I deeply fear for real US as they penetrated every aspect of life there. Scary

ULTRA-VIOLENCE: At the local Biedronka(grocery store) tonight no different from the last two years

Harassment with food didn't go on only inside of the immigration center(laughing at my food while eating preparing one to myself in the kitchen - calling one sh*** and so on), hostels, private residences where I had individual even eat out of my food jars or crushing me/puncturing food no no...

My dear psychologist girl started probably without realizing a game called "eat healthy, eat naturally, and cheap"(had good intentions, but look what one turned into) inside and outside of the grocery stores without(eat so cheap that I was picking up from streets if lucky a rubber bands to somehow charge androids as all electronic equipment was destroyed - mostly knifed bikes destroyed stolen, SOLD car etc., and broken spine) realizing was observed by Kaczynski's lapdogs...sure enough it grew in perhaps the most immense and intense bullying one possibly could imagine(next to ice showers, showers in complete dark as they would almost regularly turn lights off during showers), exploited against me inside Tesco, Biedronka, Carfour(Auchan stores), Lidl stores, Kaufland, and even shopping malls(COVERED 100% OF THE TIME IN EACH AND EVERY STORE)...

You say how !!????

She wanted me to see her through ordeal as part of myself - as someone who was on my side all along and deeply cared about me - unintentionally. As Trump turned MK Ultra torture even into hunger games awaiting me with idea to use Americans(got assistance also from elsewhere) as shield from picture which Clinton/Bush created(both feared truth about torture of Eastern European would surface and therefore if involving temporary few of own Americans, genocide crime wouldn't look as bad as otherwise would), she took my side also by pointing me out what/where to buy cheap - she was likewise food/shopping tour guide for all friends she made(there were also girls who came to Poland) - not only myself just as you ladies tend to stick to. Other girls returned her favor in other parts of the world upon visits there. All good and nice, but those who watched from distance had different plans. Soon enough she started to apologize to me and asking me to forgive her issue involving stores/food which extended to MK Ultra clauses such as "if you will eat this and that I will have them play or will have someone pose to remind you what we said, will no longer care and tra tra tra"

This turned into posing(stalking me) me inside of the stores with obese people whenever I would reach out for chocolate lets say/playing me variety of music its over with most sarcastic possible brainwash such as lyrics "want you to be happy do what you want"(happened to night for my picking up buttermilk),  and same mentioned with people(involving also females as brainwash "I will just send you another female" - comic girl in Zgierz with few extra kilos would go as far as openly licking her lips while smiling and staring at me - guess what brainwash was)repeated just as the case was with sirens (all parallel folks) outside of residences. Basically controlling every breath(not aspect, but breaths)of my life inside and outside of settings paid in for via corruption which traced for the most part into Buckingham palace.

I did tonight as American told me too do when subjected to MK Ultra(nah, he actually insisted on my buying everything I see infront of me - not that crazy and well $$cost aware - yes yes they exploited such issue as well), upon harassment I proceeded toward blocked by trolleys(manual pulleys loaded with boxes so I would skip shopping in such section and did so at first) where I loaded myself with them and didn't fail to take sugar/chocolate - if only would be cheaper,I would load myself with cookies too. Something I will not repeat(music was gone in aheart bit, obese bully who posed infront of me with shirt on which again English message was displayed - no longer read garbage as is not healthy) but did so to demonstrate willingness to give in manipulation of any kind. To ridicule even for the price of garbage which I truly no longer need in my life.

Not in case YOU who may be experiencing something similar in your life as you can never tell really who could be behind such madness with certainty unless individual would be found, but possible YOU(if not Kaczynski, Duda, Morawiecki etc.) who may feel such treatment is actual help to individual consuming larger than should amounts of food(specially under sever sleep deprivation circumstances such as were and still are mine) , please do seek professional help as you suffer from ex-centrism(there is people who believe life serves no purpose other than weight loos - seeing life through mirror only basically - eccentric personalities CAN BE AND OFTEN TIMES ARE mentally unbalanced to the point no longer can hold issues to themselves only, and feel instead others MUST feel/see the same - read also restrictive anorexia nervosa symptoms). Such people tend to pass on other around them extremely abusive vibrations and are the main cause for the fall of societies/chaos. 

If in this group causing others bullying issues, psychiatrists can prescribe you pills which will calm you down to the point you no longer will feel burdened with eating issues of other people to degree when ready/willing to take their private matters into your own hands for their sake...

If you are in relationship with such person and one is not willing to deal with his/her problems, getting yourself out of one as fast as possible is best solution.

I was classified in Slovenia into group of professional sportsmen at one stage of my life which required me to know for every product number of calories as well as ingredients. For someone to teach what good and what not is like teaching Olympic swimming champion a swimming. But thats the idea behind it all folks...Kaczynski suffered along Buckingham palace most sever possible beating in Poland and worse is yet to come for them...Harry dreamed something about counting calories via directed energy involved in game as well, but I don't think will work out...I am different.

Inside of the toilet

She didn't have a guts to have me even in the living room or semi acceptable human settings

Top Polish Hungarian neonazi brotherhood responds my yesteday's article about Duda, Morawiecki, and Kaczynski fast with blend of lies for which they feel I(we) would somehow feel sympathy

In article at MSN which popped up today, SHIZOID game between Polish and Hungarian governments opened today depicting Tusk's neonazi grandfather rather as victim to nazi regime in his nazi uniform during WWII. I was already clear about Tusk and Duda relationship as the two work 100% of the time together for same political agenda  = both betraying Poland, however, each with different issues and from both sides of he border. If neonazi grandpa was so concerned for Poland, why didn't he rather than seat in jail join partisan resistance movement !!?????

Rather than to turn for solution of crises toward government, public seeks solution in shopping

for protective gear online/via stores. We already are lost as humanity. They won without any doubt on my mind.

2 little to late. Its over.

I estimate global population will suffer imense psychological crises during so called "crises" pertaining to Coronavirus

I rate present conditions people are faced with with level of fully blow war conflict and its what this serves for most likely. Prelude into WW3.

Till few days ago when I denouced Polish government using emergency sirens for bullying purposes, I would face one 24/7 to the point as American psychologist who evaluated himself or was evaluated

as he expressed himself that one could even physically feel to assault police officer on street. Picture super loud sirens in your life ongoing for about lets say year - at one/ two in the morning before you close your eyes and again very first thing in the morning when you get out of residence straight in face...told under MKultra for certain computer activities sirens will go on "if you will"(I will do this and that if you will) and even command such as "sirens will go on to alert you not to leave your belonging alone in room as are destroyed right now...too late too late" and so the present location, government used even firetrucks so you could feel sound almost windows shuttering windows and trust me not because fire-station is right next door only.

Slovenian media exposes(condemns) Polish neonazi politic - points out who Duda/ Morawiecki are

From Slovenian paper

Highlits are:

Neonazi Polish colaborators honored

Mateusz Morawiecki in februarja of 2018 expressed honors to dead Polish German neonazi collaborators.

Sponzor of neonazi event was Polish president Andrzej Duda...


Tuesday, April 21, 2020

There were and still are people much much more than Jeffrey Epstein

The only time you would see me in Great Britain would be my bidding for chair there. Other than that will never ever happen.

Beside masks, doppelgangers, even stollen information for future public presentations, BUCKINGHAM PALACE SWINES USED yet another excuse to get arround their lies - they belived I will buy one at least(one out of too many nothing but lie atop of lies)

William, Charles, Harry, and so on insisted on how some royals are trying to get read of monarchy - on how they are in war with one another as some royals are better(more loyal) than others...some of them Zara Phillips alike for example who was involved in my ordeal since early beginnings as well, insisted on how she is not appreciated in same way as others were...and so on and so forth. Andrew cried same while Charles pushed the opposite way insisting on future cleanup around his residence. Just how much am I familiarized with Buckingham palace roundabouts/life...too much. 

LESSON #1: American president who tries to turn America into colony from Buckingham palace is not American but instead

a foreign agent - a traitor/disgrace to Americans. Goes likewise for nazis who hate everything real Americans present. That you would ho out there and engage in desemination of racism nazism via telephone was up to date unknown to me and it proofs that US became beyond sick state. Related to

GERMANY: Same as Kaczynski/Poland - its called mind games, they will infect more people with virus and kill those needed to be killed using other issues and

gesture indifferent news from

Its called mind games, and people seems to like it. The whole thing was/is a setup yes and mind games are growing by the day...they work together/people don't.



I don't remember what !!????

It bothers

to be demonstrated(reminded) how you will be ran over by the car if stating truth about who is behind all (next to masks show they orchestrated, they demonstrated me also this and is video recorded), it bothers to have a brave young vagabund baboon with few other collegues day earlier accross the street yawning loudly while acting as if jerking off to get my attention on what am told there is shit waiting on me will be killed(only day earlier), it bothers(same day) to observe another brave vagabund to loudly twist himself to get attention yawning again acting as in urge to toilet and then kicking angry empty can and so disturbing to not be allowed to eat at the table not being allowed to eat in kitchen while having another dude smashing music from kitchen till half one am, disturbing to be brainwashed how you will only be helped if you keep mouth shut about what goes went on, disturbing to be thankful for lost 25 years if life and proofs which you finally obtain thanks to your own memory and broken spine. I dont need and dont want compassion from people who have a lots of strong words to say against Kaczynski, but no face to look in the eyes and admit to know me from thge past...Related to

There were two kinds of Pollacks so far in Poland

The good and the bad one. And while the good one quietly sided with me, his doors to me were locked to me for the sake of the bad one(its where I would get beaten up - that only selected according to MK Ultra employers/ rentals would come up for me is a bit too strange). They both gave clues about what went on(confirmed during ongoing beatings my identifying them)here with me in the past, but with exception of few(like waitress in Grotnikah lets say and few others whom I will not forget) none was was willing to admit whole thing as was.

Had half of the city in Lodz wear black masks upon releasing news(yesterday and today)

Female with black mask blocked me the road passage...white powder sipped in front of entrance to building and many other stupidities. All as planned by Kaczynski/Morawiecki, and Duda who presented today to public news such as so we now know how virus becomes alive and takes off whenever necessary. Kaczynski/Morawicki, and Duda are nothing more than foreign tools in Poland. They serve interests of Moscow as well as to Buckingham palace just as I have well pointed out. Kaczynski dreamed(keep dreaming pal) under MKultra about how my only way out will be escape to Moscow...

Mr. Fauci rejects Trump's neonazi virus theory against China

White House's shizo theory about virus connected to China rebuffed yet again - this time by main U.S. expert. Will thank him for that matter.

Monday, April 20, 2020

As a government official with enough authority, I would issue immediate arrest warants to police for health workers as seen here

You haveno right to enforce public rules of any kind. Its police joba and poeple's right to exercise free speech/protest assemblies as long as those do not vilate public codes. I wouldn't go into hospital with such health workers either

SYSTEMATIC DEATH VIA FEARMONGERING: We will have viruses much much worse and much more frequent just as Bill Gates stated

Its Polish DNA that is of even greater concern to them and Pollacks are via Kaczynski/Duda on their neonazi boat as we can observe. Related to(WRITTEN 3 YEARS AGO)

In short(article upgrade), viruses such as Coronaviruses leave track/writing on our DNAs. With release of several such viruses over period of time as our DNAs get modified, you could easily get read of certain population withing the population if you understand the meaning of stated here. Your DNA may be(99% certainty for Eastern Europe) on death list. The enemy within enemy - the one you don't see at all. Major genocides start with small secrets, grow into even bigger secrets(mine was small compared to Coronavirus for which Lodz city also knew) and those in here stated...the 1000 years old dream is turning into dream come truth. Your little masks, soap bars/gels, and even future combinesons(bio suits) which you will use to getto work and back and possibly during work and with which you will shower prior to taking your shower, will not save you...fear =equals= death.

What line to postal office looks like today

Awesome work I tell you. Due to "coronavirus", they only work till 1400 hours. Reduced hours for " public's safety" sake. Piotrokowska 17 is address.

At age almost 49

I have for the first time MY OWN computer in my life time.

I am Slovenian and American citizen

Not British or German. American naturalised citizen only. You dont do to me what you have done and get away with it. Not as any of above mentioned and any even as Pollack who complied with crime. Was gestured by Poles in 2013 they reached state agreement with Slovenia and others in respect to this case on none within Slavic community will help me with it. Destroy me in fact if I woud "bad mouth"...

Queen talked about organising next in Poland a car crash from rear

Andrew about breaking me neck next if I wouldn't keep mouths shut.

They did followed up with "if nothing" news on me yesterday.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

How royals and others got get into(and out) foreign countries and do the thing discusting in private flats/properties to afterwards bully victims via main stream media

Like this Taylor Swift dressed male

@Americans/British...its humanity that will free you from tools of opression in your beloved country. Day when you will see yourself as equal human beings in the mirrors in the mornings will come for you too. World is a bad place because of fear(people affraid to admit/recognize) and we know who is financing/paying for fear.

Its their way to say thank you

they give you advanced knowledge of future events, torture you, trigger torture issues via main stream media news and future locations/people involved in case(news related to Buckingham palace pertained to MK Ultra bullying only as far as am concerned - they want anger and they tell you about own crimes) with idea to depict you as the one who betrayed them on what they get read of you. Well, it took you 25 years to prove your point.

@Buckingham palace/ Washington DC/ Berlin

I have proven to the world a torture case as real as it gets. You have proven to one to be swines interested in own wallets only. Not even in those who host you in Britain/ London, Berlin, Washington.

Prior arrival of Trump on political stage as preceeded by assassinaton of Nelson Mandela by

by British government as was told well ahead(at least 10 years ahead) of event case will be. Buckingham palace is behind plot. My goal is now to replace one amongst others. I will remain concentrated in economy direction do. David Cameron and Tony Blair can tell all about above stated. Fear from South Africa turning itself into Brasil #2 immense. Most of killings of whites in South Africa are done(organised) by whites alone as is goal to depict picture as stark/racist as much as possible.

United States of America government attempted to create my MK Ultra case as false case

by compelling me in truck driving job via forced unemployment. Its where/when they would reintroduce me back to cities where MK Ultra went on involving often times people involved in MK Ultra. Government attempted to rewrite my case via terror and with actual post MK Ultra events. Savannah, Georgia - Salem, N/S Carolinas...all the way to Washington state/California, Colorado, Maine, Texas and so on...

Trump/Buckingham palace wanted to pickup fight with China because one is

a communist country. This is why attack on China via virus which was along China also attack on the world. He wanted to bully China into war situation / tensions, and globalist colonial deal.

Last Obama post deleted by mistake.

Yes, I respect Obama's decision as was left without any other choice(either Joe or you wouldn't see one any more in political life), but know that Biden betrayed under all presidents mentioned on this news sites, knew all about MK Ultra case in which he was one of main players, and his son married neonazi Apartheid AWB female.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Mariousz didnt have control over situation just as many others

was left with choice no other than to follow rules of those encharged of game they created. Mariousz helped as much as one possibly could have, but he had to do his part as told to do. I think same with car and all other issues.

Mariusz also didn't have choice left other than to comply with politicians(state) just as case was with Grotniki, jobs etc.

It is either like that or is not at all. Fujitsu team of which leader was Mariusz, gestured me have even fought politically for this case to exist. I believe. Can you argue with politicians in today's world known as "see nothing/hear nothing, and know nothing" !!???


Friday, April 17, 2020

Dr Oz(involved in MK Ultra case and concerned for your well being) tries to WAKE YOU UP along with me YOU IDIOTS

I have posted yesterday and few days earlier what seems to be as all you need to know about Coronavirus and Dr. Oz indirectly confirmed stated via self inflicting gaffe with idea to give you idea about what goes one and is as such now marked by some as inappropriate(its when decent human being have to even apologize for saving lives while someone in shadow can and does the unheard without ever going truly challaned)

Do you know who used MK Ultra post MK Ultra torture at his advantage via people like Mariusz !!?????

Donald Trump did. Look his behavior and compare one to mine. Its nothing other than imitation of one with exception that he needed me as his mask to get read of a lots a lots of people...look how many people he fired around him for "unknown" reasons.

Someone needs to call(POINT FINGER STRAIGHT INTO THEIR FACES) United States of America for what one is

To have neonazi KKK criminal(individual who displayed deeply racist, humiliating for women, humiliating for disabled etc. behavior) as US president is simply unacceptable for the world in case its people have decided to promote Hitlerism for the sake of Buckingham palace which leads mentioned war against world(more against China as China displayed unwillingness for submission into slavery issues which Berlin, London, Washington demand from one). China didn't produce AIDS virus and other deadly viruses which CIA released deliberately to decimate human population...America did in the name of those who sickened planet with wars for the sake of colonization time and again - something China(alone British colony at one point) never ever displayed upto date. Too much is too much.

This is a total torture

MKultra was a torture, but what goes on in post MKultra torture was worse. I will decline to have anything to do with people like this. Have spent now almost two weeks locked inside because of issues like this. You practically lock me - imprison me for no less than two weeks sir(MARIUSZ).

Even the ISO files for Windows instalations were modified on my hard drives as well - not hard drives)only

Individual who took credit for such(here mentioned) attack under MKutra was one of the employees at Fujitsu. Yeah, repair is the name of my situation now for almost second week here. Libraries locked and I don't feel to use already broken cable in the room to download file from internet as for that matter too I was told will be a problem. Amazing world of crime that has everything to do but what Buckingham palace/Berlin gestured case would be - "if you will will be rated by what you remember".

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Deadly American tourists who brought death to China now weigh on possibility of Coronavirus escaping to Chinese in Wuhan city and thats not all - American tourists also detected raise of racism against blacks in same city of Wuhan

You better watch behind your own back wherever you observe such tourists as they don't brink no fortune cookies with them and their freebies regardless of how nice you may be, come with HUGE price. THE SHOW(American neonazi shizoaaa) MUST GO ON AND IF FOR ONLY LONG ENOUGH, SOMEONE WILL JUMP INTO SINKING SWASTIKA BANNER BOAT. Am I right !!????

Original 卐卐卐Donald Trump卍卍卍's brainwash on Coronavirus via MKultra

Trump, "when they realize how many deaths were in vain for nothing, I will be immune from persecution even more".

According to Trump and Americans Coronavirus is not dangerous for people with strong immune system, but can be deadly for elderly....

To be exact on Trump's words on Coronavirus in 2013 when I was subjected to MKultra, "antibiotics help because they reduce impact background issues which immune system deals with ongoingly"(he meant bacteria etc.).

I cite Trump further, "If antibiotic not given on time, Coronavirus can be along other issues in body overwhelming for human immune system and as such becomes deadly" - Trump compared Coronavirus with computer issues(processes) which would suddenly experience new process(vurus) which would overload all areas of computer functionality(hardware and software since lets say CPU, memory, and hard drive would become overloaded even for only short time as Coronavirus according to Trump is deadliest at the beginning stages when one explodes in all directions that can impact on final outcome which possibly as result of overload can also result in death).

At new location, there is nothing but sirens out of boredumbness

When I first came was silence, now fire-station trucks go off several times a day and so do police/security vehicles that pass bye ongoing. Basically wasting public money and causing disturbance.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Owner roomate distanced himself from other individual who smashed my food container

Gestured one have done same before to two other individuals. If we could all only remain friends...

Coronavirus a neonazi desease - ma explains all you need to know

After China being setup with one, you can see what goes on across the Western Europe. And who in Western Europet and United States beside pensioners, and targeted individuals is on a death list as good to go !!???? For answer further than on African continent where people don't have basic protection from one and match picture with the one in US concerning black population...contrast between the two is more than just clear no !!????

Proclaiming this last message

I will continue war for $$$$$ even more(intensify) as we live in most rotten filthy society world have seen. You have violated laws/constitution - I DID NOT !!

Law suit against government of United States of America and others stays in place !!! ow more than ever !!! Call it greed whatever you want, it is my obligation to fulfill legacy of my own as well of those willing to contribute something decent to this world !!!

Trump wasn't the only one with preemptive knowledge of government Coronavirus disaster - good portion of the society had one as well

Coronavirus will be gone now. Make no mistake about that

Journalists, government workers...question is what portion of the society knew about it...from case of my own, I can tell you that people were angry about what went on, but once they be came part of the story(they smelled money - got credits, got opportunities, chance to earn more and speculate), they became excited and as rotten as Trump alone. Crime no longer was prohibited. Crime seems to have become the way of life - lifestyle. They too have neighbors whom they will snack house from when deceased...they too have plans for themselves. This is what is wrong and this is why Trump today.

4 days old windows instalation on newly purchased(used) computer seems is clean now

Used several antivirus cleaners ad one alone detected what I didn't even install since my computer is Fujitsu laptop. Slowing down processor/overheating and other issues - exactly what case was on old hard drive. Same commercials and so on.

I don't think these two incidents are not connected - it was well planned

The night prior to something like this is a link good enough for me to understand what is going on.

Most of people involved in MKultra dreeamed about money - lots of money you will pay us

I can guarantee that I do love to award people. Sincerity foremost. Its why read over this post over again...I am not your toy and nor are the people of this country.

I will get through this and will evaluate in detail every finacial statement from each party involved in process - compare one with situation related to general population and based on what I will see then decide about who deserves what(if at all)

Duda knowingly sold past of Poland to Germany. Hoped along with Kaczynski for $$$$ regardless of how much damage this case could cause to nation. You will not get away with it.


Your people have completely sold you out. They sold you out and they sold me out along other eastern European politicians. For selling you and world out, they believed I will bail you out by doing what  have done and will continue to do. This is what this case is all about. This is why MK Ultra scenario for both sides.

In Poland to dedicate myself to appartment and job search I guess - along issues related to health which they prepared themself to in advance and acknowledge them as future events via forced unemplyment/psychiatry torture endured in Slovenia/USA

There isn't much to add to this. I am 48 years old now...doesn't have much with sanity issues(we will see if you remember and what you remember) in any way as you see...more with driving individual totally insane via torture. Related to 

There will be even more dead accross the Russia

Most of young that die are not infected with Coronavirus only - there is more added to death to seal one 100%. Russia/Putin !!???? You are kidding can see now who got ahold of what and for what purposes. Entire Putin's opposition will be decimated into nothing. You'll see.

After one week of work on computers, two roomates organize attack on newly purchased computer which had newly windows instalation by crushing my food container in a new rental location

After a week of stay and total deprivation of life(attempt to restore destroyed/modified electronic appliances to operational condition) two roomates crush me food container which I had inside of the refrigerator to get me out of the room on what third person stabs computer with USB - releasing in one same virus as seen in the past(will display commercials in Polish about dementia, tooth problems etc.). Apartment has two entrances and you can see now how things go here in Poland...nice heh...virus already appeared this morning and one gradually takes over your entire laptop. Turns one into Windows failing remote controlled zombie till one falls apart entirely. One week of total self deprivation - didn't go out even for much needed walk. Its what I was promised case will be by Buckingham palace.

Had an appointment this morning with physicians for spine injury

The think is I am so humiliated/degraded that don't want to have anything to do with Polish health care professionals any longer. What do I need physical therapeut for after one being denied to me for 7 months on the row !!???? What you need one for if they decline you one when you need one the most !!????

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

A TOTAL NOBODY PROCLAIMS HIMSELF AS TOTAL NEONAZI EMPEROR(dictator) OF USA: There are 27 guaranteed ropes round neck ready for 26 governors - we just have to see how many more are needed in addition for total betrayal democrat side

Beside 26 republicans, one is for Donald Trump :)))

Will get interesting. 27 nobodies and possibly few extras will not decide about TOTAL United States.Now the real disaster is on the way. 

Chris Cuomo babby bambino cried, "mommy mommy mama aiutami per favore aiutami what to do now ohhhh my God"

"Ohhh my God he is Hitler will kill us all what now...we are all f****...what now what now"(year 1996/1997) till he got his wife - married with one up to date ;) and am 100% certain he is the best husband in the world too(it was his closet dream come through - thought about himself very little - I should say well too little and would like to appeal at this opportunity to Italian people to boost moral about themselves as per who you are - Italian people with exception of Fascist Lega Nord leader Salvini and Berlusconi were extremely pleasant people to be around with).. 

Even brand new android was reprogrammed in hostel to serve remote purposes

You can reset one all you want - there is nothing one can do. Everything was modified again.

Monday, April 13, 2020

You are asking how antibiotic could possibly kill virus and save your life - the answer is it can't, but there is one thing that can do to save your life

Kills - should instead use term "cleans body" cleans body of overtime bacterial deposits which accumulate overtime specially if you haven't use one in a while...I suppose Coronavirus is designed to foremost attack neurosystem somehow what as a result weakens body condition as whole and its when immune system can fail totally due to above mentioned other issues which have accumulated in body over time gaining in specific moment enough strenght to crush one down totally(fever etc.).

With bitterness in my mouths, I have to say New York governor Andrew Cuomo and his brother at CNN Chris Cuomo both KNEW about coming Coronavirus disaster

According to Slovenian Borut Pahor(10 years ago), its a SIMPLE ANTIBIOTIC that even kills virus if person has somewhat strong enough immune system

His words to me were, "make sure to take some of those xx??xx antibiotics with you to Poland prior to departure".

What antibiotics I, however, do not know even that he repeated me time and again mentioned uncertain what name was. Could well be penicillin, but accent was on strong enough issue...others gestured one didn't help, meaning they tried virus well ahead. 

And who is the biggest animal on photo !!?????

He had total knowledge of coming attack on American population + is paying peanut to Americans responding attack by risking their lives via arrogance/scorn/ derision for their lives. 

Dating in Quarantine - sure why not

On one side of glass wall a male and on the other female - two masturbating while watching each other. Awesome yes. 

All new brave world. Nobody will die.

As far as British

They(most of them - about 95% o them as long as not connected to Buckingham palace) were always very very concerned(sensitive, worried, helpful as much as one possibly could be) for me. Foremost polite and concerned for me. Eager to help yes, but not Buckingham palace not...that was a different song based on hastily against me from their side.

There really is no difference between William and Harry

The two are completely insensitive(DUMB) typical bullies. Hurts people for the fun of it.

The return of slavery cholera to America - when different kind of pilgrims arrive to America in need of refuge....

Yes, life is tough for some..nothing you can do, you just have to feel sorry for beautiful couple. Victims of racism, crown persecution, etc etc...

Tylko Łódź: Każdy, kto potrzebuje profesjonalnych usług związanych z moim CV, może się ze mną skontaktować - więcej niż mile widziane.

Anyone in need of professional services related to my resume is more than welcome to contact me. Dziękuję/Thank you 

Tylko obszar łódzki(Łódź city + 5km).

In Polish 

70 people test positive for COVID-19 at San Francisco's largest homeless shelter

You know who/why 

And who are these "homeless" people whose real identities we will never ever know !!!

China - Japan's mariage is a heaven made marriage for the two and rest of the world

Unfortunately for Eastern Europe and world, Soviet Union's legacy was a legacy of failure which compelled Eastern Europe and consequently world on its knees in-front of people against whom world have won war just 70+ something years ago...the things took for even worse upon post Soviet public property theft which lead Putin alike politicians even into war conflict on Balkans and in Ukraine this leaving less than zero hope for entire Slavic community and consequently world.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Donald Trump delivers me "Farewell" message(modified according to MKultra scenario) to my main email account - gestures me to blame psychologist whom he referred behind her back to as Pocahontas

Cretin who married girl from same city in Slovenia dumps in my email box yet another piece of "art" he managed to produce over the two decades...blames her since his and Buckingham palace's battalions couldn't accomplish for two years on row what became from my side for them the thing impossible - despite most severe abuse possible and you know only 30% so far what exactly went on in Poland during last 18 months.
 "You will know am referring to her when mentioning a "Pocahontas" - if she, then nothing. Time and again under MKultra time and again...

The biggest mistake pertaining to my case Buckingham palace have done was located at location which I can't specify right now and its where became evident who and what they are with 0% error mergin

Incident implicated prince Andrew and Lodz police department and one goes way back to what probably was even 2002 when brought to Poland for MKultra brainwash. Its an incident on which Buckingham palace built lies upon up to date. Whatever comes out of their mouths you can be on are nothing but lies. Has nothing to do with whether I am sane, but everything with abuse, torture via corruption. 

ŁODZ/POLAND: Food instead of bombs - I agree - tell this to your beloved president Duda and his mentor Kaczynski

There was huge line of most vulnerable this morning in the city center where they handed out food to those in need. I was told when subjected to MKultra to not approach such event as they will almost certainly hand out also other "freebies" to such people in need...

NAZISM IN DEAD END SPIRAL: 卐卐卐Donald Trump卍卍卍 and his KKK Clansmen already in war with World Health Organization over coronavirus response

 卐卐卐Donald Trump卍卍卍 and his KKK Clansmen ready to walk away with nothing in hands - end is near. 

There is no money from US for organisation of any kind unwilling to serve neonazi interests World Health Organization over coronavirus response KNOW THE REAL FACE OF BABA JAGA'S ISLAND(ISLANDS AS THERE ARE MANY ACCROSS THE US)


AMERICAN MADE HYPOCRCY WITHOUT LIMITS !!! SHAME, DISGRACE, DEATH AND RIPOFF OF OWN AMERICAN POPULATION FOR THE SAKE OF THE MONEY(its how and where social security saves a buck to use one against other nations worlwide for the sake of exploitation - slavery and its how Trumpets get cheap Real Estate deals - via corpses + its where and how they push down American taxpayers throats made in China products imported to country during self made crises for even more money - brainwash against Aliexpress etc.) AND DESIMATION OF HATRED !!!

Talking about two trillion Dollars(2000 billion Dollars with which one could build US#2 from scratch) stimlus bill to fight Coronavirus while denying average American 50 cents worth basic virus protections for free(masks)...