Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Till few days ago when I denouced Polish government using emergency sirens for bullying purposes, I would face one 24/7 to the point as American psychologist who evaluated himself or was evaluated

as he expressed himself that one could even physically feel to assault police officer on street. Picture super loud sirens in your life ongoing for about lets say year - at one/ two in the morning before you close your eyes and again very first thing in the morning when you get out of residence straight in face...told under MKultra for certain computer activities sirens will go on "if you will"(I will do this and that if you will) and even command such as "sirens will go on to alert you not to leave your belonging alone in room as are destroyed right now...too late too late" and so the present location, government used even firetrucks so you could feel sound almost windows shuttering windows and trust me not because fire-station is right next door only.

They used anywhere from emergency vehicles(ambulance vans) which would stalk 24/7, private security vehicles, police vehicles, and even fire trucks...

Bestialia yes. Word massacre repeated in your face 10 x times a day, screaming/yelling in your face...they must have earned good money from Buckingham palace for job well performed. And sirens just went on again as wrote this. Nope, I am not tempted to take on any public officer as they know what this was/is all about and they alone don't like it - but memory is there and I know who, why, how.

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