Tuesday, April 28, 2020

3 of 3 AUDIO Smashed plastic container dish

Smashing food container to someone by removing one from his spot in fridge and removing food from one with idea to destroy one is bad, but that one would spent locked inside one week 24/7 repairing hard drives etc. and something like this would be used to destroy one newly installed operating system makes things much much worse. 

Harm here much bigger than just destruction of a plastic container. More like prison that a private room if even taking laptop to toilet or to brush teeths is not enough for its and other electronic equipment's safety. Not what your room supposed to be like.

Place is financed  by Buckingham palace's system - pay to move in and get beaten up and move out to next beating - either rental or job...will not be like that. Will meet this landlord on court too.

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