Monday, April 27, 2020

What Coronavirus is to my case

What comes first to mind when identifying scenarios from MK Ultra !!???? Whatever you were brainwashed to see as first is what comes first to your mind - then whatever in addition you were brainwashed and in this case two/three times mentioned in 2017 only that if I mention one, I am done with it because there is agreement with other nations in place...and so specially if person is concerned for other human beings and is honest as is in my case, he will/would predictably do just as I have done. 

But this again is how you broke my spine Mr. Duda Morawiecki Kacznski !!! Via human conscious in which you incited via lies that I ruined lives of other people and so I have to prove myself to them as a human being while on the side you prepared issues as seen here to follow up on me. YOU ARE EXCEPTIONALLY EVIL PEOPLE.

I am not angry with Poles because to have as a nation politicians who are trying to make Hitler look good in eyes of the nation(infront of the world) which suffered human loses to one as case is with Poland , I deem this to be ultimate punishment for one. I should rather see myself as well as Pole...such political swines world have not seen yet

Yeah, I am probably Pollack myself more than anything else. 

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