Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Slovenian media exposes(condemns) Polish neonazi politic - points out who Duda/ Morawiecki are

From Slovenian paper

Highlits are:

Neonazi Polish colaborators honored

Mateusz Morawiecki in februarja of 2018 expressed honors to dead Polish German neonazi collaborators.

Sponzor of neonazi event was Polish president Andrzej Duda...


I am certain that PiS(Kaczynski, Duda, Morwaiecki) organized plots against me in Poland with idea I would reach out to nazism against Poland...talked about some kind of deal with Merkel and how one managed to secure city in Poland which would help me out I guess to revive nazism.

I have no idea how much Duda is aware, but I am member of partisan Liberation Front of the Slovene Nation (Osvobodilna fronta) in Slovenia since 2017. He must have gone mad(not bad, but mad).

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