Friday, April 17, 2020

Do you know who used MK Ultra post MK Ultra torture at his advantage via people like Mariusz !!?????

Donald Trump did. Look his behavior and compare one to mine. Its nothing other than imitation of one with exception that he needed me as his mask to get read of a lots a lots of people...look how many people he fired around him for "unknown" reasons.

Who will be fired next in Trump's line !!??? Fauci !!???? There is a long line of people shizo have fired along the way...long one and he is a real shizo who needs what you see on this blog for his show to progress. He is not the only one right

Its strange when you praise someone just to realize that car, computer, job, lodging and all others including Polish Immigration/police was sold to you via lies to wrack you. Isn't it...and it comes handy to someone when depicting his political moody behavior in almost identical light even though he created world as sen on this site. This is why Mariusz and few others. You are a disgrace(TRAITORS) to Poland and world at the same time.

It was Trumpet who insisted on conditioning me proofs via crime...understandable and you traitors knew all about it why. You sold country, and along your own people. Humanity.

The name of the song is Donald Trump/Buckingham(crime spree dudes) palace who paid for it all.

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