Wednesday, April 29, 2020

MKULTRA: Thank you to New York City Mayor Mr. Bill de Blasio, his wife Chirlane McCray, and beautiful "housemaid" of Chinese origins in the family already for at least 12 years

Perhaps she works as housemaid even for 14 years already. No am not his neighbor and I am didn't get information from anyone. 

He and she were both involved in MK Ultra procedure. Beautiful people to have around in very very hard times is all I can say. Did as he said would. Its his daily route on which he even took me for me to remember the day as seen here. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU.

This is yet another proof of MK Ultra for which credit I will take. Nobody released any news about domestic workers on main stream media in respect to Mr. Bill de Blasio's housemaid either. Therefore mine too.


She is not too far from Mr. Bill de Blasio's(couple - awesome kind wife) residence...took me to her neighborhood/home too...if I were in N.Y,  sure do find my way arround...will se if I'll play with google maps or something - if time will permit me.

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