Thursday, April 16, 2020

Deadly American tourists who brought death to China now weigh on possibility of Coronavirus escaping to Chinese in Wuhan city and thats not all - American tourists also detected raise of racism against blacks in same city of Wuhan

You better watch behind your own back wherever you observe such tourists as they don't brink no fortune cookies with them and their freebies regardless of how nice you may be, come with HUGE price. THE SHOW(American neonazi shizoaaa) MUST GO ON AND IF FOR ONLY LONG ENOUGH, SOMEONE WILL JUMP INTO SINKING SWASTIKA BANNER BOAT. Am I right !!????

Related to and to >>explosion<< of racism as stated on American news networks - all simultaneously started with raise of Coronavirus is what TRUMPETMEDIA WOULD WANY YOU(you the world - they need you to believe in something like that to have their agenda going) TO SEE REALITY AS, BUT ONE IS PRODUCT OF SICK AMERICAN IMAGINATION ONLY...there are racists everywhere, but nowhere less than in China and nowhere more than in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA for which even Germans told me is more racist than Germany alone.

China state should look into business which mistreat blacks and find out in details per why as I am 100%, correlation between virus and one exists at least at some point.

You all kinds of Chinese in China and even outside of the China hiding behind name China - people like everywhere else of which some will take bribes sure and do nasty stuff for it against own people.

Once long was all in Wuhan :))))

But China doesn't see hateful lethargic lunatic barking from White House...he is ignored and NUMBER ONE COUNTRY IN THE WORLD IS INSTEAD BUSY STRIKING BUSINESSES DEALS ALSO ACROSS THE AFRICAN CONTINENT which colonial powers and nazi beasts have lost not too long ago...

@United are becoming increasingly isolated(LESS AND LESS RELEVANT TO THIS WORLD) - lost in own hatred and I alone will begun to point with finger more and more at you(why do you tolerate bunch of nazi pigs on stage even for a minute !!???? Even talk about next elections mentioning their names !!??? Is not free speeech - one came with death of over 70 million people just 70 years ago that you allow these days) as I see very little of what case should be...

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