Monday, April 13, 2020

With bitterness in my mouths, I have to say New York governor Andrew Cuomo and his brother at CNN Chris Cuomo both KNEW about coming Coronavirus disaster

While CNN for the most part s a very decent news network, there are people in there Chris Cuomo alike as well. But there are such people in every aspect of American society which in that case reminds a lot on Soviet Union where employees would spy on employees(coworkers).

10.000 is a lot and you are a very bad governor. 

BOTH BROTHERS WERE LONG(from its early case beginnings) TIME MK ULTRA PARTICIPANTS. I don't care even a bit for Cuomo's heroism in his home bed as per wanting to see how bad virus is as is as misleading journalism as one possibly can only be.

Both brothers were through Coronavirus crises on front media  pages misguiding public on deadly issue on every step of the way...

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