Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Forget about Lodz city - here is how far they have gone to control market in price range

What you see here already was on market in 2010 as a test. I was on both locations. One wouldn't sell the other one who knows and it doesnt matter, but both locations(and is no different with area near Ukraine which also advertised) are here listed to discourage foremost. Nope, I wouldn't touch anything that had to do or has to do with Buckingham palace/Trump. I wanted too, I do leave Poland and go straight to source. 

Finally, what do I need Poland for which already ruined me two passports(25 years of life) to be a middleman(basically slavery brokerage is role Poland assumed in this case) between myself and those who brought me here for torture !!????

This is extremely irresponsible behavior from Polish side. Toward me as human being and even own people whose pledge was to stay away from those who attempted to delete nation for 70 yeas ago...

Irresponsible toward entire Slavic community to be precise.

Washington/London will not be deciding about my whereabouts. Will not be deciding about my decisions in life. Something to be aware of what Poland is. Be careful whoever you are as they have more power here than anywhere else in the world.

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