Monday, April 27, 2020

Question for the Polish state since one had "all good intentions for me"

Why did you teached about Coronavirus coming for 10 years and and then in 2017 gestured that if I would mention one I would fail !!???? Why did you brainwashed me for 10 years on one and then changed mind withing one session if you had sincere(your sincerity became a lie since my entering your immigration system as you committed most horrific crime possible - refused to admit ruining me 25 years of life via forced unemployment, psychiatry, brainwash torture) intentions in my case !!???

You didn't do it for did it for those who paid you the money for MORE betrayal(more Buckingham palace than anyone else)

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Beating me up with directed energy weapons, poisoning, and foremost disallowing sleep were the core and main part of your program. It had to sound weird and not only for the sake of politicians Trump/Putin alike, but here seen issues...and deprivation of sleep used to prevent advanced knowledge of what is coming next - prohibition of think in another words.

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