Wednesday, April 22, 2020

ULTRA-VIOLENCE: At the local Biedronka(grocery store) tonight no different from the last two years

Harassment with food didn't go on only inside of the immigration center(laughing at my food while eating preparing one to myself in the kitchen - calling one sh*** and so on), hostels, private residences where I had individual even eat out of my food jars or crushing me/puncturing food no no...

My dear psychologist girl started probably without realizing a game called "eat healthy, eat naturally, and cheap"(had good intentions, but look what one turned into) inside and outside of the grocery stores without(eat so cheap that I was picking up from streets if lucky a rubber bands to somehow charge androids as all electronic equipment was destroyed - mostly knifed bikes destroyed stolen, SOLD car etc., and broken spine) realizing was observed by Kaczynski's lapdogs...sure enough it grew in perhaps the most immense and intense bullying one possibly could imagine(next to ice showers, showers in complete dark as they would almost regularly turn lights off during showers), exploited against me inside Tesco, Biedronka, Carfour(Auchan stores), Lidl stores, Kaufland, and even shopping malls(COVERED 100% OF THE TIME IN EACH AND EVERY STORE)...

You say how !!????

She wanted me to see her through ordeal as part of myself - as someone who was on my side all along and deeply cared about me - unintentionally. As Trump turned MK Ultra torture even into hunger games awaiting me with idea to use Americans(got assistance also from elsewhere) as shield from picture which Clinton/Bush created(both feared truth about torture of Eastern European would surface and therefore if involving temporary few of own Americans, genocide crime wouldn't look as bad as otherwise would), she took my side also by pointing me out what/where to buy cheap - she was likewise food/shopping tour guide for all friends she made(there were also girls who came to Poland) - not only myself just as you ladies tend to stick to. Other girls returned her favor in other parts of the world upon visits there. All good and nice, but those who watched from distance had different plans. Soon enough she started to apologize to me and asking me to forgive her issue involving stores/food which extended to MK Ultra clauses such as "if you will eat this and that I will have them play or will have someone pose to remind you what we said, will no longer care and tra tra tra"

This turned into posing(stalking me) me inside of the stores with obese people whenever I would reach out for chocolate lets say/playing me variety of music its over with most sarcastic possible brainwash such as lyrics "want you to be happy do what you want"(happened to night for my picking up buttermilk),  and same mentioned with people(involving also females as brainwash "I will just send you another female" - comic girl in Zgierz with few extra kilos would go as far as openly licking her lips while smiling and staring at me - guess what brainwash was)repeated just as the case was with sirens (all parallel folks) outside of residences. Basically controlling every breath(not aspect, but breaths)of my life inside and outside of settings paid in for via corruption which traced for the most part into Buckingham palace.

I did tonight as American told me too do when subjected to MK Ultra(nah, he actually insisted on my buying everything I see infront of me - not that crazy and well $$cost aware - yes yes they exploited such issue as well), upon harassment I proceeded toward blocked by trolleys(manual pulleys loaded with boxes so I would skip shopping in such section and did so at first) where I loaded myself with them and didn't fail to take sugar/chocolate - if only would be cheaper,I would load myself with cookies too. Something I will not repeat(music was gone in aheart bit, obese bully who posed infront of me with shirt on which again English message was displayed - no longer read garbage as is not healthy) but did so to demonstrate willingness to give in manipulation of any kind. To ridicule even for the price of garbage which I truly no longer need in my life.

Not in case YOU who may be experiencing something similar in your life as you can never tell really who could be behind such madness with certainty unless individual would be found, but possible YOU(if not Kaczynski, Duda, Morawiecki etc.) who may feel such treatment is actual help to individual consuming larger than should amounts of food(specially under sever sleep deprivation circumstances such as were and still are mine) , please do seek professional help as you suffer from ex-centrism(there is people who believe life serves no purpose other than weight loos - seeing life through mirror only basically - eccentric personalities CAN BE AND OFTEN TIMES ARE mentally unbalanced to the point no longer can hold issues to themselves only, and feel instead others MUST feel/see the same - read also restrictive anorexia nervosa symptoms). Such people tend to pass on other around them extremely abusive vibrations and are the main cause for the fall of societies/chaos. 

If in this group causing others bullying issues, psychiatrists can prescribe you pills which will calm you down to the point you no longer will feel burdened with eating issues of other people to degree when ready/willing to take their private matters into your own hands for their sake...

If you are in relationship with such person and one is not willing to deal with his/her problems, getting yourself out of one as fast as possible is best solution.

I was classified in Slovenia into group of professional sportsmen at one stage of my life which required me to know for every product number of calories as well as ingredients. For someone to teach what good and what not is like teaching Olympic swimming champion a swimming. But thats the idea behind it all folks...Kaczynski suffered along Buckingham palace most sever possible beating in Poland and worse is yet to come for them...Harry dreamed something about counting calories via directed energy involved in game as well, but I don't think will work out...I am different.

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