Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Had half of the city in Lodz wear black masks upon releasing news(yesterday and today)

Female with black mask blocked me the road passage...white powder sipped in front of entrance to building and many other stupidities. All as planned by Kaczynski/Morawiecki, and Duda who presented today to public news such as https://news.yahoo.com/poland-records-spike-coronavirus-cases-191654784.html so we now know how virus becomes alive and takes off whenever necessary. Kaczynski/Morawicki, and Duda are nothing more than foreign tools in Poland. They serve interests of Moscow as well as to Buckingham palace just as I have well pointed out. Kaczynski dreamed(keep dreaming pal) under MKultra about how my only way out will be escape to Moscow...

Buckingham palace was indeed behind it all $$$ served in Poland by Polish Judas who they hired to do filthy job for them. 

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